Natural Ways to Treat Tired Eyes

Natural Ways to Treat Tired Eyes
We've all heard the saying, “The eyes are the window to the soul.” More and more ethnic beauties are being challenged with ailments such as dark circles around your eyes or puffiness beneath them and this can actually make you appear older than your years – or, at the very least, as if you haven't had a good night's sleep in ages.

Instead of going out and buying the latest infomercial's offering that promises younger looking eyes within minutes, try a few of the natural remedies below involving ingredients possibly already in your kitchen or readily in your reach to help freshen up your gaze.

Calm swollen eyes and darkened eyes with cool cucumber slices

There's a big reason that the image of a person sitting in a spa treatment room relaxing with cucumber slices on their eyes is a popular one: They work! Cucumbers contain elements that serve as mighty antioxidants as well as flavonoids that not only lessen irritation but also become an effective anti-inflammatory agent to reduce puffiness.

The fact that the veggie has a large amount of water naturally, coupled with its normally cold status fresh out of the refrigerator makes it a double-duty serving eye soother. At the same time the water is providing hydration to any dry and delicate skin around your eyes, the cooling temperature of the slices helps to lower the flow of blood to the area surrounding your peepers.

In order to use the cucumber slices to reduce any puffiness and refresh your appearance, recline with one slice over each eye, ensuring they are large enough to extend over the darkened area for at least 10 to 15 minutes each day. Keeping your eyes closed while doing so should help to prevent them from getting irritated during the process.

Potatoes for helping to lighten dark circles and fix puffy, baggy eyes

While cucumbers are a common trick for eye relief, not everyone knows that potatoes can be an amazing option as well, because they act as a natural bleaching agent. Chilled potatoes can be blended and their juice extracted and soaked into cotton balls that are placed on the darkened eye area for approximately 15 minutes.

Or, if you don't feel like going through all the blending trouble, instead slice the potatoes into chunky circles like cucumbers and place them on your eye area daily until you see an improvement.

Alleviate dark circles and puffiness by dunking tea bags

The best part about making yourself a cup of green or black tea is that after you've steeped your concoction you can gain additional beneficial uses out of the tea bags by socking them away in the fridge for 20 minutes or longer – until they are cold – and then using them to improve the look of your eyes.

After giving the wet tea bags a gentle squeeze to get rid of any extra liquid, you can place them atop your eyes for up to half an hour each day, allowing the caffeine, antioxidants and tannins to work their skin-soothing magic by fostering a healthier circulation of blood and creating tautness around the eye area.

Water relieves puffy eyes and dark circles in many ways

What could be more natural than water? There are plenty of ways to use H2O to help benefit our eyes, both externally and internally.

First off, an important rule of thumb is to use one of the world's most abundant resources to wash off any eye makeup or mascara that has been applied during the daytime prior to going to bed. Sometimes the look of dark circles in the morning is actually just unwashed eyeliner, mascara or dark eye shadow that has seeped into the lines around the eyes, making the area appear darker.

Secondly, splashes of cold water can help improve the puffiness around eyes even after all the makeup has been washed away, because the coldness can have a positive effect upon shrinking the swelling of the region.

Thirdly, make sure that you're drinking enough of that water and not merely splashing it around on your face all day, because dehydration has been blamed as one of the causes of moisture being stolen away from your eyes and causing swelling.

Finally, if you don't have any tea bags, cucumbers or ice masks specifically designed to fit around your eyes, you can create your own by wrapping ice cubes in a soft washcloth and resting them on top of your closed eyelids to counteract the effects of swollen and exhausted eyes. And speaking of exhaustion, let’s move on to one of the most naturally effective ways to improve your eye health.

Sleep those bags and dark circles away

Many times the most obvious reasons for certain problems are answered by time-tested solutions. Lots of times, temporary eye swelling and dark circles can be attributed to too many nights spent burning the midnight oil, so if you truly want to try and improve the look of your eyes, try shutting off your phone, laptop and TV at an hour earlier each night to give your mind, body and "windows to your soul" a good rest.

Sleep is restorative on so many levels, and that includes giving our eyes a rest from all the "screens" we subject them to each day. Make the decision to aim for at least eight hours of sleep nightly in order to witness how much better and well rested your appearance may become.

Of course, a select group of the population might find they get plenty enough sleep each night and still have to deal with the look of baggy eyes and dark circles in the morning. This could be attributable to certain medications, heart conditions or simply a hereditary issue whereby you have inherited the same bags under your eyes that one of your parents and/or grandparents experienced.

In those cases, additional expertise beyond these natural home remedies could be what you need.

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