Spirituality for All of Us

Spirituality for All of Us
To be spiritual does not mean that you have to belong to a certain religion or have certain belief systems. Spirituality is a part of every human being if you only would look inside yourself, and it does require time to tap into your own inner being to find your own truth. Many of us do not take this time to get to know ourselves on the inside, but focus more on the outside of our bodies and the outside world. Spirituality deals with your own inner world and your individual sense of self.

To be spiritual, you must connect with your deepest and most private self, the part of you that is unique to who you are and no one else. Here is where you will find your perfect truth, your core values, and your most fundamental beliefs. Here is where you will find your own inner voice that will guide you on your journey in this physical realm.

Being spiritual is to strive to improve your inner being and to bring about awareness of who you are and what role you are to play in this life. Inside of yourself you will become aware that you are part of a much bigger plan and a much bigger realm than you may realize. Here is where you will find your connectedness to nature, the world around you, the universe, and the cosmos. Here is where you will be in tune with the higher powers that be, whatever your beliefs are.

Spirituality is very personal and unique to the individual. Everyone has their own path to follow, and in order to find inner peace and happiness you will have to make quiet time to go within yourself to find your source of inspiration and get in touch with your soul, whether it is with a higher power such as God, Allah, Jehovah, the Great Earth Mother, various deities, or nature itself. Many believe there are spirit guides in the form of human spirits, god-like spirits, goddesses, and even animals. Your beliefs are true to you and it is to these truths that you should focus your energy. Some people meditate or perform rituals to increase their feelings of oneness with the higher powers that be in their lives.

In looking within yourself and in looking to develop your inner being, you will want to focus on your happiness and peace. You have to love yourself and strive for harmony and balance within. In this way you will find a sense of purpose and direction in your life from a calm and sure place. It is all about having a deep connection with the most inner you and having that be your place of home, so to speak.

This is something all of us can achieve; inner peace and happiness, having a spiritual link to all that is around us, and having a deep love for ourselves that will give us a foundation to love others and to fulfill the purpose of our journey. In having peace within ourselves we can have peace with our world.

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