A Revised Golf Game.

A Revised Golf Game.
With my golf group on our Friday game day I appoint someone from the group to have the game for the day. This Friday it was Bev’s turn and she came up with a very different game that took a little math. She divided us into teams of two and each player was to draw out of an envelope filled with each number of our 18 holes. Whatever number you drew out, you were to circle that hole as yours. With each partner taking turns to draw out numbers we filled the card and we knew which hole we were responsible for.

We were each given a new yellow ball and when the hole that was circled we were to use that yellow ball and record the score we had with it. We then continued on through the 18 holes. All teams completed their rounds and were to total up the score of just the circled holes for our total team score for the round. It so happened that we had odd number of players so Bev chose one player we all had to play against, it was our total against her total score. This was a little misguided as this player never was responsible for hitting that yellow ball. We all know that the yellow ball score means winning or losing it will cause your game to falter.

With this drawing the number of holes before you played, sometimes you may be responsible for two or three in a row. The score cards could be marked ahead of play but not use a yellow ball just play your own game, then when you finished total only the circled holes of the team.

This could also have been team against team to see who came out the best. Handicaps were used so you adjusted the two players handicap to come up with a total. You could play this with full foursome teams against each other or even threesome teams against each other. Using a different colored ball and know it is a score that affects the team will make you try harder and that sometimes forces a shot. Each player does not need to have a personal colored ball they can share just one and pass it back and forth between the team.

It ended up with our game today that the gal we were all playing against won all the balls that where handed out at the beginning of the game. If you want to try this type of game with your group you can change what they are playing for. A money amount could be decided upon and the winning team can divide up that money. When a player realizes that she is responsible for the score on that particular hole, she wants to be careful and not lose it. Bev had a rule that on any of the water holes the player could use another ball so that yellow ball would not be lost. Bev had purchases these new yellow balls so the winner received these as the winning prize.

When we try something different with our group helps keep things interesting so think up something new and exciting. Please let me know if you have a different game so I can share it with the readers on this site.

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