Psychic Healer Ze Arigo

Psychic Healer Ze Arigo
In October of 1921, Jose Pedro de Freitas a/k/a Ze Arigo was born on a farm in Brazil to a very poor peasant family. He had no formal education, quitting school after 3rd grade. As a child, he experienced headaches, trances, and hallucinations.

Around the age of 30, Arigo began to channel an entity calling itself Dr. Fritz. His story is one of the best documented cases of psychic healing.

Dr. Fritz relayed to Arigo that he had been a doctor during WWI, and died before his work was finished. He wanted Arigo to continue his work for him.

Not long after this channeling began, Ze Arigo was staying with a friend, Lucio Bittencourt, who was suffering from lung cancer. Bittencourt awakened one evening to see his friend Arigo standing next to him with a razor in his hand saying that immediate surgery was necessary. Bittencourt passed out, and awakened next to find himself in bloody pajamas with an incision near the back of his ribcage. Bittencourt went to his own doctor who looked at the incision and was under the impression that his patient had been in the United States receiving an operation with an advanced technique unknown to him.

Ze Arigo gained popularity throughout Brazil for his ability to perform successful surgeries on humans with unclean kitchen and pocket knives without any pain, nor the need to tie off blood vessels or stitches. He was also able to stop the flow of blood with merely a command. And, although his instruments were not sterilized and no antisepsis was used, there was never any ensuing infection.

Ze Arigo was investigated many times by highly respected medical doctors and scientists from all over the world, including the United States. One doctor reported that Arigo used a small paring knife to scrape out the eye socket “between an elderly man’s left eyeball and eyelid” to remove cataracts. The patient felt nothing, although no anesthesia was used. After this was completed, Arigo “wiped the pus-covered blade on his shirt and continued onto the next person.” Most of his operations were completed in less than one minute.

Although many of his patients were poor peasants, leading politicians, lawyers, scientists, aristocrats and other doctors from many countries also sought out treatment from Arigo.

Additionally, Arigo was able to write prescriptions for medication in modern pharmacology, confirm diagnoses or blood pressure readings without even examining the patient, and treated over 300 patients daily for almost 20 years.

Arigo never accepted payment for his surgeries. Unfortunately, he was killed in an automobile accident in 1971. There is extensive documentation and films available authenticating this phenomenon of Ze Arigo.

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