Fresh Express Veggie Lover's Salad Mix

Fresh Express Veggie Lover's Salad Mix
I adore the Very Veggie salad mix. It appears that Fresh Express Veggie Lover's Salad Mix is a competitor to this blend. How does it match up?

First, the basics. The Very Veggie salad mix starts with romaine and iceberg lettuce. Then it adds in carrots, pea pods, red cabbage, and radishes. So it's pretty much identical to the Very Veggie blend.

For nutrition, for two cups of salad you get only 20 calories. That has 3g of net carbs, with 1g of fiber. There is 200mg of sodium, and no fat and no cholesterol. You get 1g of protein.

Nutrition is great! You get 80% of your vitamin A, 35% of your vitamin K, plus 25% vitamin C. The ingredient list is just what you would hope for. The only ingredients are items mentioned above. No preservatives, no chemicals, no bizarre items.

The packaging is less good. You have to cut it open, and it doesn't seal. For me that's not really an issue. I tend to eat a bag in two days. I have half for lunch one day and then the rest for lunch the next. Still, I don't like having to cut it open. I prefer being able to rip it open.

My complaint with the Very Veggie is true here too. Both claim they have pea pods and in both cases they barely have any. I would think saying you have "pea pods" means there is more than one in the bag. Maybe they are expensive items. I'm not sure. It is still a bit frustrating.

One could argue that you could just buy iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, carrots, pea pods, red cabbage, and radishes and just make your own salad. That certainly is true. However, I have done that in the past and I just didn't make a salad much in that situation. I am generally working frantically, trying to catch up with a huge backlog, and anything that seems to take time gets pushed aside. With it all being in one bag, all I have to do is open, dump, and go on with work. It makes it incredibly easy. Also, I don't have to worry about eating a "whole head of lettuce" before it goes bad. All I have to eat is two servings of a bag. That's my only pressure. I can absolutely do that. And then I go get another one. Well, actually, I send Bob to go get another one, because I hate shopping.

Highly recommended as a way to get daily salads into you.

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