Monopoly Mill Creek Style

Monopoly Mill Creek Style
I have been working on Paulette Firestone’s Monopoly game to adapt it to Mill Creek Golf Club. It took me quite awhile to come up with something different so it went along with the Monopoly board game. I named each golf hole so that they matched such as Water Works, Electric Co. and names of our streets we would be traveling or crossing. I did have to be creative on some of them as Sea Side as this hole has both sand and water. I included the following list so each player had a copy so she was aware of what was in play on each hole. Each player was given a small plastic bag that held $200.00 in $20.00 dollar paper bills

#1 Water Works - if ball goes in water or ditch must put $20.00 in the bank.
#2 Park Place - a par three hole for close to the pin collects $20.00 from the bank.
#3 Heart of Texas - lowest score collects $20.00 from the bank.
#4 Chisholm Trail - best gross score receives $20.00 from each player.
#5 Water Works - if golfer goes in water or ditch must put $20.00 in the bank.
#6 Boardwalk - par 5-handicap low score may purchase a house or collect $20.00
#7 Water Works - any player going in water or ditch must pay bank $20.00
#8 Mountain View - lowest score minus handicap collects $20.00 from bank.
#9 Halfway House - golfer closest to pin in 3 shots gets $20.00 from each player.
#10 Long Drive - using white pole as marker in fairway collects $20.00 from bank
#11 Dog Leg - par 5 handicap low score may purchase house or collect $20.00
#12 Over Easy - any golfer who gets over ravine in two collects $20.00 from bank.
#13 Short Walk - any golfer close to the pin receives $20.00 from each player.
#14 Hester Way - is handicap low golfer may buy house or collect $20.00
#15 Sea Side - if golfer goes in water or sand must pay bank $20.00
#16 Electric Co. - if ball goes in water or out of bounds pays each golfer $20.00
#17 Open Trail - handicap hole low score may purchase house or collects $20.00.
#18 Bird Cage - close to the pin and receives $20.00 from each golfer.

I found three boxes as each foursome would be working with their own bank. I put one person who would be responsible for paying out of the bank or taking in when player lost. I had three teams sign up. I took the first team and appointed two other members that I knew would do a good job of working their bank. It took some time to explain things like closest to the pin when all players are on the green plus any other questions. One player earlier had called me that her son was visiting I told her I do not have any by-laws so everybody is welcome. He came and I told him this is for fun not a competitive game so relax and have fun. Which he did everybody can enjoy these games.

I filled each box with $200.00 in $20.00 paper money. I also made up small zip bags with $200.00 for each player. The box also included four children’s blocks that I used as houses the players could buy on certain holes. The box also included “Get out of Jail” cards that the players could use if they ended up in a sand trap, they could improve their lie and could use this card only once in the round.

This game is not one you would post for your handicap unless you kept a regular card on the handicap holes. Everybody got the same two strokes on the handicap holes as this group all play about the same. On this I used my own discretion using two par five and two par four holes. This game was not according to the Rules of Golf but it was a fun game and they all enjoyed it and would want to try it again.

Winning golfer was the one who came home with the most money. We had three players who ended up with 12 twenty dollars bills or $240.00. I used play-off holes to decide the winner and paid first, second and third places. Two players bought two houses, used play-off holes to decide this winner. The prize was a Golf Monopoly game with second place a large golf picture puzzle. One last prize was for the gal who came home with the lowest score adding up the four handicap holes she ended up with an 83. All in all it was a fun day and enjoyed by everyone.

If anyone wants to give this game a try please do. Let me know how your group reacted to it so I can post a review of your game with pictures if possible.

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