Eye Floaters as Spiritual Phenomenon

Eye Floaters as Spiritual Phenomenon
I remember a few years back – okay – I admit it has been more than a few, I was at the eye doctor for my annual check-up, and asked him about the little floaty things I had noticed in my vision when I looked at certain bright colors or textures. He replied that it was just part of the aging process. I really didn’t give it too much more thought. I just tried to ignore them.

Recently, though, I received an email from Floco Tausin regarding the subject of eye floaters. In his letter (can an email technically be called a letter?), he tells me that he is a graduate of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Bern, Switzerland and that he is “engaged in the research of entoptic (subjective visual) phenomena in connection with altered states of consciousness and the development of consciousness.” Mr. Tausin goes on to say that he wants “to strengthen the public awareness of the spiritual dimensions of entoptics like eye floaters, afterimages, phosphenes, form constants etc., and to reconcile their physiological and spiritual aspects and explanations.”

What the heck?

I decided it might be worth my time to check this out so I did a little research. I read some of Floco Tausin’s articles, and found some interesting information.

Mr. Tausin believes that eye floaters in the vitreous are not a sign of disease nor are they a sign of old age. They are a “connection with our own development of consciousness.”

Eye floaters come in all shapes and sizes and appear to be in our field of vision, although they come from within the eye. They are known as vitreous opacities in the eye medical field, and classified as entoptic phenomenon.

Floco says that he met a seer called Nestor in the mid-1990s who told him the “dots and strings…can be seen directly – by anyone who develops his or her own consciousness.” The shapes we see are a “subtle structure formed by our consciousness which in turn creates our material world.”

Floco learned a great deal from the seer about “the significance of these eye floaters.” Floco made changes in his way of living in an attempt to develop his consciousness. As this happened, the floaters became clearer and their shapes easier to discern.

Nestor taught Floco that he needs to look at the shapes as “often as possible” to discern what they really are.

Floco Tausin has written a book about his experiences that has now been translated from German called “Mouches Volantes – Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness” available at amazon.co.uk.

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