Kraft House Italian Lite Anything Dressing

Kraft House Italian Lite Anything Dressing
Kraft House Italian Lite Anything Dressing is a fairly tasty, almost creamy dressing with 45 calories and 3g carbs per serving.

Interestingly, the back of the label says "reduced fat dressing" so this one will work well whether you're counting carbs, calories, or fat. It's low in all three areas.

It has 3.5g of fat, with only 0.5g of that being saturated fat and none being trans fats. It has 320mg sodium, 3g carb, and 0g protein. It has no vitamins / minerals of note.

Its ingredient list is nicely "human". Water, vinegar, soybean oil, and understandable ingredients like onions, carrots, red bell peppers, and so on.

The dressing has a thick texture to it so it clings nicely to the lettuce pieces in your salad. The flavor is a nice mix without being too strong. It does have some cheese in it - parmesan and romano. I tend to add cheddar cheese to all my salads so it adds in a nice additional flavor to those.

The pour spout for the bottle is a full open-mouth pour so that can be nice if you're using a lot in a marinade. For salads I tend to prefer the smaller spout so I can shake out a controlled amount, but it's not a big deal. It just means I have to pour a little more carefully.

Their stated comparisons for this "light" version are that it has 45 calories per serving (2 Tbsp) as compared with most dressings which have 70 calories. I've seen dressings with FAR more than 70 calories so that is fair enough. On the fat side, it says that this one has 3.5g of fat vs most which have 7g of fat.

So besides the caveat that it does contain a tiny amount of milk product, for those who are super sensitive to milk products, I would recommend this. It is healthy for you in a variety of ways, and it has a good flavor. The more dressing options you have in the fridge, the more you can keep your salads tasting interesting and fresh, and ensure that you eat a salad each day. I would keep this one in with my other options.

If you're not eating a salad a day yet, this is the week to give it a go!

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