The Battle of the Grab Bags

The Battle of the Grab Bags
I am always thinking of some crazy golf game to spice up our weekly golf games. When I sent out the tee times for Monday and Friday I appoint one of the members for the Friday games but give myself one game in the month, usually the last Friday. Last month it was the Monopoly Mill Creek Style so this day was the Battle of the Grab Bags. I made sure they let me know if they will be attending as it needed to have a total number to set up this game.

Everything is planned around brown paper lunch sacks when we start out where everyone must draw out a score card from a paper bag. There are enough score cards in the bag for each person playing and each card will be scoring a different game. No two games are alike so they are not competing against anyone else. I will be drawing a number out of a bag to pick the lucky player of that card. There will be prize bags for everyone so after play they must choose blind as to which bag they want. These brown bags and decorated with cartoon golfers etc. so no clue as to what is inside. There could be money or it could be some crazy little trinket, old or new golf balls found in my yard etc, so it is the luck of the draw.

Brown Bag lunch will also be the luck of the draw as to which bag you choose, here too these bags are decorated with cartoon character and food. These bags are not all the same so it is the luck of the draw on your lunch as well. A brown paper bag lunch is always fun to make up and the gals really get a kick out of the choices.

The game went over very well and ended up with nine players so set them up in threesomes so we could move along in good shape. This is not always the way it works out as we had some slow players in front of us so it was not a speedy trip as I like to play. It also got hotter as the temperatures rose in the afternoon with humidity it slow us down as we always like to finish before noon.

I had brought up part of the brown bags early so would not have too much to bring with me on game day. This worked out well as it was the prize bags and filled them with golf items such as golf balls, decorated tees, golf key chain, pens, plus small bags which contain a dollar bill. The players stated to arrive and paid their $2.00 fee that I charged for the Battle of the Grab Bags event.

As we started to play it did not move along as I wanted. This made it difficult as the weather was turning up the heat and humidity. One of the players in the middle group was not feeling well as she could not take the heat. So we ended up with two foursomes. I tried to move things along and keep up to the group ahead as one foursome would let others go through but we were keep dragging behind.

We finally finished and tried to cool down. I put up the basket with the prizes and they all tested their luck on trying to get some good prize. They laughed at the funny cartoon pictures and tried to pick one they thought fitted them. It all worked out fine as some of them found the dollar hidden within the bag.

It was time to now pick out their lunch brown bag and again they pick from the pictures that they said fit them. The sandwiches were different as well as the cheddar popcorn and fishes, potato chips, trail mix and an orange. We had a great time cooling off with our lunch. The last prize was from the number that I placed on their score card as I had told them to remember that number. I had all the numbers in a paper bag and drew out a number and who ever had that number won the prize of the day which was a small case of chocolates and five dollars. The gal who usually win every time won this too but it was the luck of the draw. She did pass the chocolates around so that was a good thing. This was a silly event but a chance to have a good time. I will try to think of some different game for next month as they seem to enjoy these little events.

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