Defender Body Fat Caliper Review

Defender Body Fat Caliper Review
The Defender Body Fat Caliper has a great feature. It remembers what the last measurement was! This makes it useful for people who are trying to measure their own body fat.

The Defender Body Fat Caliper There are a wealth of skin fold calipers on the market, and most of them share a common problem. A person trying to use them without help can often not see what the numbers are. A caliper has to be held at just the right angle in order to measure the fat layer properly. Usually that then has the "readout" part of the caliper pointing away from the person being measured. It makes sense - the unit is trying to be easy for the doctor or physical trainer to use. However, for a person trying to measure their OWN fat levels, this poses a challenge.

The Defender Body Fat Caliper finds a way around that. First, there is a soft "click" in the unit when the unit is pressed to the right sensitivity level. So that gives feedback to the person that they are holding the unit properly, even in situations that are hard to see.

Second, the unit remembers the last measurement done. So you literally don't have to look at the unit at all while you are trying to get the jaws in the exact right spot. You can focus on aligning the jaws and folding the skin, and know that the measurement will be waiting for you when you're finished.

Yes, certainly, it will still be hard to measure your own middle-back accurately - but that's going to be true with any caliper you use.

I tested this unit out against several others I own and the numbers were right on. As with all calipers, you need to be attentive and consistent. Measure in the same place each time. Measure at the correct angle each time.

There are numerous websites that help explain with photos and videos exactly where one does fat measurements. So it's well worth it to study those and to be mindful when doing it.

Well recommended, especially for people who don't have a "buddy" around to help.

I purchased this caliper with my own money in order to do this review.

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