Running From God

Running From God
Do you run from God? Most Christians would answer “No, of course not. The people who run from God are the ones who don’t believe.” Let’s look at the ways we, as Christians, may run and hide from God.

Adam and Eve were God’s first two created children and he placed them in His beautiful garden to live. God had created Eve as the perfect wife for Adam. They were a perfectly matched couple in the perfect environment. They were in relationship with God and even walked and talked with Him in the garden. What closer relationship could there be? As children will, one day they rebelled and broke God’s command. With that infraction, their eyes were opened to sin. They realized they were naked and attempted to cover themselves, using the material that was handy – leaves from the plants. They were covered but not secure. The Bible says that when they heard the sound of God walking in the garden, they ran and hid among the trees.

Why would they run from the One they loved? Because that’s what sin does. It drives us away from our loving God and into our own world where we attempt to fix problems on our own.

God didn’t give up when Adam and Eve hid from Him. He pursued them and called to them. They couldn’t hide their sin. He knew they had eaten from the one forbidden tree. In His mercy, He covered their sin in the only way that could cover it, with a sacrifice.

Do Christians run from God? We run and hide all the time. Every time we commit that little sin that we consider insignificant. Every time we tell that little white lie that is not important. Every time we utter the harsh words that were provoked. We run and we hide from God when we refuse to agree with Him that sin is sin no matter the size or the reasoning behind it.

Are those little rebellions significant? They seem unimportant when we see no consequences, moving on with life and even forgetting what we did. There are consequences. Each sin pushes us farther into the trees to hide from the Truth. Adam and Eve’s sin drove a wedge in their relationship when it caused them to shift the blame. Adam blamed his wife for offering him the fruit and he blamed God for giving him his wife. Eve thought she shouldn’t be blamed because the serpent deceived her.

Each unconfessed sin drives us deeper into our own little world, away from loved ones and away from the One who can cover sin.
  • Study the bible regularly so that you know what God considers sin.
  • Acknowledge it.
  • Confess it.
  • Repent. (To make a change for the better as a result of remorse or contrition for one's sins.)
  • Keep short accounts. Don’t waste time denying it or trying to cover it yourself.
  • Apologize to one you sinned against.

Read about Adam an Eve in the garden in Genesis, chapters two and three.

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