NintendoLand - WiiU

NintendoLand - WiiU
NintendoLand is a typical launch game for a new console - it features a wealth of mini-games that help to show off the capabilities of the Wii U controllers and system.

NintendoLand WiiU The game is centered around a park atmosphere. You have various attractions spaced around a hub, and you can go in and out of them as you wish. As you earn points you unlock decorations for your park.

The games are quite fun! Sure, they aren't long, epic tales. Still, they're great for parties. For example, I adore the Luigi's Ghost Mansion game. One player gets the mini-screen unit so they are the ghost and they can see exactly where they are and where the other players are. The rest of the players only see the TV. So they can see each other but they CANNOT see the ghost unless certain special things happen. It's brilliant.

Or, for example, Mario Chase, one person has the smaller screen and they are the hider. They know where they are. The other people are the "finders". They get to look at the TV and have to figure out where the hider is.

Other games are just one player, or everyone looks at the screen. So there's a mix of games to appeal to all interests. I love Takamaru's Ninja Castle, taking down enemies left and right. Metroid Blast was fun as well.

Again, these aren't meant to be long games to suck you in for hours and hours. They're meant to be quick games to help you learn how the system works and to test out a variety of game styles. The game is perfect for that.

Is there a down side? If you're expecting it to be a Final Fantasy style epic with character building, relationship creation, and long, arcing storylines, that just isn't what this is about. You'll want to get other games to fill that need. However, for quick, fun, easy-to-learn action, this is definitely a great game to have in the house. When someone comes over and asks, "What is a Wii U all about?" you pop this in and show them.

I've had this game for three months so this isn't a day-I-bought-it review. This is after three months of solid gameplay.

I purchased this game with my own funds in order to do this review.

Rating: 9/10

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