Haunted Roadhouse of Beverly Glen

Haunted Roadhouse of Beverly Glen
The neighborhood of Beverly Glen is located north of Sunset Boulevard and south of Mulholland Drive. At the address of 1508 N. Beverly Glen was once a three-story building called the Old Roadhouse.

Built in 1915, at some point in its history, a lover’s triangle and a ghastly murder occurred, resulting in a double haunting.

It is said that a wealthy landowner in the area would often bring his lovely wife to town with him for a night on the town. They would usually stay overnight at the Roadhouse inn on these excursions.

Sometimes the landowner’s wife would spend the night at the inn without her husband. The story goes that she began meeting with a yellow-dressed lover. She would often begin bringing the young man back to the inn with her to spend the night.

The landowner was apprised of the situation at the inn, and burst in up on the couple and using a scythe he had in hand, chopped off the yellow-dressed man’s head. The wealthy landowner was sent to prison, his cheating wife inherited his estate, and the ghost of her lover is said to wait for her on the road to the Old Roadhouse.

During the 1960s, after the inn had been converted into apartments, a couple attending UCLA were living there. Mel Sherer and Nancy Macjeski felt the angry presence of an entity they felt to be the husband. They often heard his footsteps climbing the stairs and stopping outside their apartment. The footsteps would be accompanied by the sound of heavy breathing and a feeling of cold and clamminess in the room. Once, Nancy arrived home on her motor scooter, and caught the image of a headless man dressed in yellow in her rear view mirror. She ran upstairs to tell Mel. They stood and watched the entity from their upstairs window for about 15 minutes before it faded. The couple decided to perform an ad hoc exorcism, and successfully helped the spirit of the husband to pass on at that time.

In the early 1970s, Corinne Broskett, an actress and the current executive director of the Venue Actors Studio in Pinellas Park, Florida, believed the spirit of the murdered lover lived with her at her apartment in the former Old Roadhouse. He was a comforting presence, even stroking her hair when she was in emotional pain.

Corinne stated that she was never afraid of the spirit. She felt warm and comforted by its presence. She was convinced it was the lover because “it would act like the lover in every way.” Sometimes, the spirit would hide her keys when she was preparing to go out. Once, it actually followed her into her car. She persuaded it to return to the inn by telling it that the city had changed considerably and it might get lost or confused. Once, she heard the entity sobbing in agony on the front porch outside her window.

A friend of Corinne’s, Jill Place, stayed with Corinne in her apartment for several months. She also felt the presence of the lover in yellow. She said he would climb into bed with her and curl up and cuddle close.

The property fell into decline and disrepair for years, but it has now been renovated and is currently a private residence.

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