Cuissential Nutritional Kitchen Scale Review

Cuissential Nutritional Kitchen Scale Review
The Cuissential Slim Digital Nutritional Kitchen Scale does more than simply tell you how much a food item weighs. It actually knows how much carbs, protein, fat, calories, and other values are within it. Quite handy! Here's how it works.

Cuissential Digital Nutritional Kitchen Scale Review First, it's a normal scale. You put things on it, it tells you their weight. It can handle up to 11 pounds, in both ounces and grams. In ounces it goes down to 0.05oz, while it goes down to a single gram.

It can do a tare function, so if you put a bowl on the scale, you can zero out the bowl. Then you can add in strawberries, milk, or whatever you want, and it'll tell you the weight of just the contents of the bowl.

Then, the fun part. It knows the nutritional values of 999 different food items. So let's say you have a banana. You type in the code number for the banana, from their reference guide. Then you put the banana on the scale. The scale will tell you the calories, salt, protein, fat, carbs, cholesterol, and fiber of that banana, exactly. No need to use web interfaces to figure those things out. The scale knows it all.

Plus the scale has a memory function, so you can add a set of ingredients one by one into it. You weigh each item as you plan your meal, and at the end it totals up all the numbers for you. So you know exactly what you'll be ingesting.

It has a 2 minute auto-off and takes three AAA batteries.

There are a few minor down-sides here. First, it claims its temperature readout is in both C and F, but it only actually shows C. Since I don't really care if my scale knows how hot or cold it is, that's not a big issue.

Second, they made some odd decisions on what types of values to give you. If you weigh a banana, you have to do it whole, not peeled. You can't measure slices of banana for example. But for a lemon, they want you to measure it skinless. For an orange it should be both without a peel and without seeds. A mango is supposedly whole - but without skin and seeds. So you'll have some things which are not-quite-right unless you're weighing exactly what they want you to.

Still, relatively minor issues. They could only fit 999 items into the memory so they had to make some compromises. In general the scale is useful and handy.

I also have a YouTube video review of this scale, if you want to see it in action:

YouTube Cuissential Digital Nutritional Kitchen Scale Review

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I was provided a review copy of this scale for the purpose of doing this review.

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