Low Carb Success Story - Married Couple

Low Carb Success Story - Married Couple
On their wedding day, he weighed 400 pounds. But by eliminating sugar and starchy foods from his diet, he lost 165 pounds over a year. Here is the story, in his wife's words!


My husband had struggled with his weight throughout the majority of his adult life. When we were married in 1999, he weighed in at nearly 400 pounds. We always talked about losing weight and we always tried different things but nothing worked.

One day he just decided that he was going to cut out carbs and sugar for 2 weeks and see what happens. He had success in those 2 weeks so he decided to continue, but he chose not to be so religious about the whole low carb concept. To date, he has lost about 165 pounds.

It has been about a year since he started doing low carb. In the beginning, he would be real strict about the diet during the week and eat whatever he wanted on the weekend. It was rather shocking to me to see the amounts of "normal" food he would consume on the weekend, and then go right back to the low carb during the week, and the weight came right off of him. He did not try any of the low carb products until recently when I began the diet. He just ate a lot of chicken, beef, tuna, salads, spinach and broccoli ... and tons of cheese.

As for myself, I decided to give low carb a try. I've lost 10 pounds in the past month. I limit myself to 30-40 grams of carbs per day and I've cut out sugar from my diet. I've come to rely on the new Slim Fast low carb shakes during the day because I am so busy. They're pretty good but only if they are ice cold.


A great story of success!

There are two things I'd like to mention here. First, I wouldn't generally recommend binging on unhealthy foods every weekend. The foods aren't healthy for your body. However, I realize that people who are trained by their parents to eat a certain way for two decades straight can take time to break that addiction. If that's what you have to do to make progress, take it in stages.

Next, while cheese is good, I'd be cautious about eating tons of cheese. Cheese should be eaten in moderation, just as with any other food item.

Low Carb Success Stories

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