Low Carb Myth - No Exercise

Low Carb Myth - No Exercise
Some critics of low carb plans claim that it is outrageous to think any healthy living plan would avoid exercise. But the Atkins book clearly says that exercise is critical to a healthy life.

The following is a direct quote from the Atkins low carb book:

Calling all couch potatoes: If you're not getting regular exercise, you aren't following the Atkins Nutritional Approach. It's that simple. You must make a commitment to physical activity as well as change the way you eat - and take nutritional supplements. Doing one without the other is like riding a bike with flat tires. It's a lot more difficult.

There's an entire chapter in the book devoted to exercise, in fact, explaining why a healthy muscle system and cardiovascular system is so critical to good health. One section says:

Exercise is like a buy-two, get-one-free proposition. Not only does it elevate your metabolic rate while you're exercising, but it keeps your calorie-burning meter cranked up for significant periods after you're through. This means that you continue burning calories at a good clip even though you've stopped moving. Similarly, when you increase your muscle mass, you increase the amount of energy your body naturally expends just to keep functioning - even at rest.

So for long term health, exercise should always be a key component of your daily routine. This doesn't necessarily mean swimming 8 miles a day or climbing rock walls! Get a pedometer and take a walk around your local mall. Find a friend to go on walks after work in a local park. Walking is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy - and it's free!

The key is not to think of it as "forced activity". Don't think of it as a chore you have to do. You should want to get out and have fun! Go dancing with friends. Go for a walk with your kids. Go swimming at the beach. Find something you really love to do, and then work it into your routine. Your body needs activity to be healthy. Find some fun ways to thrive!

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