Blendtec Blender Juicer Smoothie Maker Review

Blendtec Blender Juicer Smoothie Maker Review
Yes, the Blendtec blender is fairly expensive. It lists at $600 and can usually be found for just over half of that. But if you're into juicing or making shakes and smoothies, this can be exactly what you want.

Blendtec Blender Juicer Smoothie Maker Review
I actively resisted buying our Blendtec. To me, the idea of spending this much money on a blender was preposterous. My boyfriend had seen a demo at Sam's Club and had become obsessed with it. He went back day after day to watch the unit in action, to talk with the salesperson, to try new recipes, and more.

When the "show" left the store (with me having refused to spend the money) my boyfriend still kept talking about it. So much so that when we drove out to visit friends in Michigan I finally caved in and we swung by a store there to buy one during their show. We then toted the blender around with us to those friends, and another set of friends we were visiting along the way, to show them all how it worked.

And, yes, it's pretty amazing.

I did a week long smoothie fast with this and it was awesome. Every "meal" was a new recipe and they were all delicious. I love the Blendtec because it blends the whole item. You don't lose out on important fiber or nutrition. The apple skin is in there. The celery's fiber is in there. I don't want "flavored fructose-sugar water" that you get from juicers. I want the full raw celery stick, carrot, and so on - just in a more compact package. That is, you can physically fit more nutrition in your stomach in smoothie form vs in blocky original form. So you get more of the Vitamin A and other items. Plus, smoothies just taste good, with their combinations of flavors. It's better than eating a carrot, then a celery stick, then a piece of kale, and so on.

Clean-up is super. You toss some ice in the unit, hit blend, and you're done. You don't even have to wait for the dishwasher. Sometimes I'll have something I want then my boyfriend will want something different. It's quick to go through both sets of recipes and be done in ten minutes.

I have a bunch of recipes on YouTube with us using the Blendtec, to show it in action and how easily it works. It can chow through anything. Carrots, ginger, you name it. It rips through them all.

Is there a down side? The price!! Wow, it took me months before I gave in to buying this. But I'm glad we did. It is definitely paying for itself in our improved health. I loved doing the smoothie fast. I felt so wonderful after doing that, and expect to do that every year or so.

I'll also note that blenders in general often fail after a few months, so we waited nearly two years before posting this review. I wanted to make sure I did thorough, solid testing on the unit before I made my recommendations. We haven't had any sorts of issues with it at all. It does what it says it'll do.

With all the other exercise equipment that gets bought and then sits in a corner, the Blendtec is something we use and enjoy. And it makes a daily, noticeable difference in our health.

Highly recommended.

We purchased this blender with our own funds, after a great deal of soul-searching :). Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

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