Ken's Lite Italian Dressing

Ken's Lite Italian Dressing
Eating a salad each day is key not only for low carb dieting but for most healthy eating styles. Ken's Lite Italian Dressing is a good option for a salad dressing.

Ken's Lite Italian Dressing One thing to keep in mind is that their normal Italian dressing only has 1g of carbs, so by having this one you aren't gaining much on the carb side. Still, while low carb isn't about specifically counting fat, it also doesn't want you to gorge on unnecessary fats either. Eating low carb isn't about sitting down with a tub of lard and eating the entire thing :). So reducing extra fat, especially when it's not making much of a difference in the food, is a good thing.

The stats for 2 tablespoons of this dressing are:

calories: 45
total fat: 4.5g
saturated fat: 0.5g
cholesterol: 0mg
sodium: 440mg
carbs: 1g (sugar)
protein: 0g

you get no nutrients of note here.

The main ingredients are water, vinegar, vegetable oil, cider vinegar, and then high fructose corn syrup. Why do they do that? Why add sugar to a salad dressing? It's really not necessary. It's as if manufacturers have to add sugar to everything as part of their code.

In terms of flavor I go back and forth between this and the regular Ken's Italian Dressing and like them both. One isn't better or worse than the other. Both are great options for having a tasty dressing.

I'd recommend having a salad every day and to alternate through a variety of dressings and styles. That way each time it's new and fresh and you enjoy it. It's amazing how delicious salads can be when made properly, and how varied they can be by playing with the ingredients. Salad dressing definitely is a part of that process.

There's really no down sides with this other than the silliness of having the high fructose corn syrup in there. If you can afford the dressings that don't include that, or make your own, both are great options. In the meantime, though, this is a tasty dressing.

I purchase this with my own funds.

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