Bud Light Lime Low Carb Beer

Bud Light Lime Low Carb Beer
Bud Light Lime is a low carb beer aimed pretty tightly at the Corona Light market. It has 8g of carbs and 116 calories, with a natural lime flavor.

Bud Light Lime Beer I want to step back a minute on this review. In its earlier years, beer wasn't associated with lime. It wasn't traditional for someone to order a beer, order a lime, and mix them. People simply drank beer on its own. They might eat salty things, like pretzels or peanuts with them, but the beer was just a beer.

The main reason this changed was Corona beer, which came in a clear glass bottle. Corona was also very light colored. Beer in general gets skunked quite quickly in light. We've done tests with Corona in sunlight where a bottle sitting in sunlight will skunk within 15 minutes. So a tradition grew to add lime to Corona to help offset this. It's not that it fixes the skunking, of course, but you don't taste it as much. It became a "fun" thing to do - to have some Mexican festivity with the beer. Which is interesting, because limes really hail from Persia, not Mexico.

In any case, though, with so many beer drinkers now trained to like a lime flavor in their beer, and with Bud Light being in the same clear-bottle-light-color situation, perhaps it's natural that Bud Light came out with a version that has the lime flavor right in it. No need to add a lime. Just open the bottle and drink it.

The result? If you like that beer-plus-lime flavor, you've got it here. Not as tasty as a fresh lime, of course, but many people don't keep fresh limes in their fridge. So this is a good alternative. Goes well with light meals that have that citrussy kick to them.

For 12 ounces of beer you get:
116 calories
8.0g carbs
0.9g protein
0.0g fat
4.2% alcohol

I'll note that 8g of carbs isn't exactly low. That's nearly what some normal beers have. Regular Budweiser has 10.6 - and Bud Light has 6.6. So you're in the middle of the two. I suppose at least you're a bit less than regular Budweiser, if that is what you'd drink instead. Corona Light is only 5g so if your aim was to have a Corona-like beer, it'd make more sense to actually drink the Corona Light.

So, lots to ponder with this one. I'd have to say it makes sense to go with the Corona Light or the Bud Light and get your own limes, to be healthier both for the lower carbs and the fresher Vitamin C :).

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