Bud Light Platinum Low Carb Beer

Bud Light Platinum Low Carb Beer
Bud Light Platinum is an intriguing entry in the world of low carb beers. It has only 4.4g of carbs - and it's 6% alcohol.

Bud Light Platinum – Low Carb Reference In a world where low carb beers can hit the 2.4% alcohol mark, and most hover around 4%, Bud Light Platinum is firmly aiming itself at those drinkers who want more of a kick. But somehow they managed to raise the alcohol levels while keeping the calorie count at a reasonable 137.

And it's not even that they skimped on the size, which many low carb beers do. This is a full 12oz bottle.

I like that they have it in a dark glass container, too. Many beer ends up being skunked by light through the clear bottles. The dark glass here helps ensure the beer gets to you the way it should.

So, how does it taste?

The bubbles are fairly fine, and the head disappears almost instantly. The flavor is light, gentle, nothing strong, but nothing off either. A nice bar-with-peanuts beer that you could drink several of as the game scrolls past on the big-screen TV. Nothing to savor, necessarily - but certainly nothing to pour out, either.

It's worth noting, for those trying to lose weight, that alcohol is an energy source for the body and it interferes with weight loss. Your body will see that incoming alcohol and strive to burn it first. So it can easily mean that the rest of what you eat - even if you're trying to eat in moderation - could be stored as fat rather than burned. That alcohol becomes your body's "primary fuel source" for as long as it's in the system. So more isn't better in this case.

Still, if you're not in a weight-loss stage of life, and you're craving an extra kick for some reason, I'd give this a look.

Serving: 12oz
Carbs: 4.4g
Calories: 137
Fat: 0.0g

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Low Carb Beer Reviews – Low Carb ReferenceLow Carb Beer Reviews – Low Carb Reference
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