Irish Feasting on a Low Carb Diet

Irish Feasting on a Low Carb Diet
Eating low carb at an Irish Restaurant might seem like an oxymoron. Isn't Ireland the land of the potato? Ah, that was only because the English forced them to! Potatoes were a new import from the Americas in the 1600s, and the English landowners thought they'd turn Ireland into a giant field of potatoes to grow them. The Irish farmers were very unhappy at having to turn all of their luxurious fields into solely potato crops.

And, of course, when the great famine happened and that one crop failed, millions starved to death. This was a tragic period in Irish history.

If you go over to Ireland, you'll find this gorgeous land of green has far more on its mind than the brown spud. The coastal villages of Kerry and Galway make delicious fish dishes, including fish stews that are hearty and rich.

Head out to the fantastic stables of County Clare, and the local pubs will serve you an amazing lamb stew. Many homes have wonderfully fresh gardens behind them. This is a land of delicious flavors.

Breakfast is fried slabs of ham with fried tomatoes and some fried eggs to go with it. Sure, some Irish drink beer, but many Irish drink whiskey, which is of course carb free. Most Irish will tell you about making homemade wine, too, out of plums or cherries or other local fruits. Fruit wine is not only healthy, but can be quite tasty as well!

Something visitors to Ireland often rave about is the delicious vegetables there. Now that the Irish are free of English rule, they have turned their fields over to a wide range of vegetables, and they are truly mouthwatering. Put aside the invader potato and enjoy the nutritious veggies that a modern day Ireland creates.

So if you're out to eat Irish, there are many ways to do so healthily! Avoid the potato-rich foods that even the Irish of the olden days were unhappy to eat. Feast on the delicious fish dishes, the lamb dishes, and the vegetables that are part of their true heritage. Enjoy the luck of the Irish, and put CDs on featuring the fantastic music!


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