The Haunted Vicarage in Borgvattnet

The Haunted Vicarage in Borgvattnet
In northern Sweden rests the small village of Borgvattnet. There is an old vicarage in the village that was built in 1876. According to a letter written in 1927 by Nils Hedlund, the chaplain at the vicarage at this time, he had encountered ghosts in the house.

In the following decade, a female apparition was glimpsed by Chaplain Rudolf Tangden. In the 1940s, chaplain Otto Lindgren and his wife claimed to have heard “weird sounds” and saw “moving objects.”

One tale is that of Inga Flodin, a guest who visited the vicarage in 1941. Apparently she awakened in the guestroom to the site of three elderly women “sitting in a sofa starting at her and crying in the dark room. She turned on the light and the three ghosts were still there but appeared to be more blurry.” There was no sofa in the room.

Chaplain Erik Lindgren moved into the residence in 1945. He experienced many strange occurrences, and began recording them in a journal. One interesting story is about a rocking chair Lindgren claimed he was never able to sit in for very long. He would be thrown out of the chair “by an invisible force.”

Other accounts include that of a guest who was grabbed by an invisible force and thrown down a staircase. He was then tossed onto the lawn. There are also “phantom smells of cooking,” issues with electrical equipment during paranormal investigations, and feelings of being grabbed or touched.

There is a legend that a baby sired by one of the priests living at the vicarage was murdered in the cottage.

The “ghost priest” Tore Forslund worked as a priest in Borgvattnet in 1981. He did not like the money that was being made on what he considered to be “occult phenomena that existed in the district” including “miniature angels and devils” being sold in the local shops; and diplomas handed out to anyone who was able to complete an overnight stay at the rectory. Forslund made an offer to the village to get rid of the ghosts in the old rectory, but his methods were considered too controversial.

Forslund’s daughter, musician and songwriter Sara Forslund, was born in Borgvattnet in 1981.

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