The Menopause Makeover Beauty Advice

The Menopause Makeover Beauty Advice
When it comes to getting older, let’s not kid ourselves, none of us really wants to look older. Grey hairs, wrinkles, bags, droops, and sags may come with the menopausal territory reminding us that our youth is slipping away. But before you banish the mirrors from your house, The Menopause Makeover is here to help. Authors Staness Jonekos and Dr. Wendy Klein know that beyond the science and information is the desire to remain young for as long as possible.

In Step Four you may not be able to turn back the clock but you will learn some great beauty tips!

The Menopause Makeover Step Four Customizing Your Beauty Routine
Beauty is only skin deep but that does not prevent many of us from worrying about those signs of aging. Step Four is not about trying to shape you into some ideal cookie-cutter image. This step is about focusing on you and what makes you special.

How will Step Four help me?
Did you know that some of your habits contribute to the aging process, making you appear older than you really are? In Step Four of the Menopause Makeover you will discover how by making just a few changes in your daily routine can help you look younger. You will also learn how to put together a skin care regimen for your skin type.

Still wearing the same hairstyle or makeup that you wore in college or even high school? There are many fantastic tips for makeup application to keep you looking current and not dated. Plus find out how your hair might be adding years to your appearance.

This does not mean that you have to become a slave to fashion or spend hours primping in front of a mirror. Discovering the type of look that is right for you must take into account your tastes and preferences and The Menopause Makeover recognizes that no two women are the same. You can tailor the guidelines to suit your individual needs.

There is even a section on dressing. You know the drill: you scan the racks in the clothing stores trying to find stylish clothes that are neither too young nor too frumpy. Again Step Four is all about customizing your beauty routine to find the look that is right for you, not just what is trendy. You do not need to worry about having to run out and buy all kinds of new clothes, but there are plenty of hints to help you update your look and remain true to the woman you are.

Lastly, for those who want some more drastic and permanent measures, there is a primer on many of the popular surgical and non-surgical treatments. These are offered as a starting point for some women, but Jonekos stresses the importance of looking into safer ways to look younger and only suggests procedures as a last resort. The reality is that surgical procedures are conducted in greater numbers these days and it does help to know some of the basics before you make any type of decision.

Challenges of Step Four Customizing Your Beauty Routine
This step varies from woman to woman; some women will find this a snap while others will be challenged to assess what beauty means to them. When you work your way through Step Four, take the time to get to know you. Trying to look like someone else never works and The Menopause Makeover is designed to make you over into a better and healthier version of YOU and not someone else.

If you have never paid much attention to your appearance and wish to do so now you might have to face (no pun intended) the years of bad habits such as tanning, smoking and neglecting proper skin care. Often the damage has been done and short of surgical procedures there are not many miracles in jars. Yet you will still be able to learn new habits for a healthier and younger looking skin.

The idea with The Menopause Makeover is to learn to love and accept yourself for who you are. As Jonekos reminds us we need to love ourselves enough to make looking after ourselves a priority and not an afterthought.

Menopause is a sort of point of no return. We are marching towards the older years whether or not we are ready. Our bodies and our faces often tell the story of where we have been. With Step Four of The Menopause Makeover, you may not completely rewrite your past but you can make this a time to decide on the direction you want to take during and beyond menopause.

Editor’s note: As a one-time cosmetologist, skin care has always been a top priority. Call it fear of aging or vanity but looking younger is my way of paying tribute to me. We can never look or be 18 again (and really who wants to?) but we can celebrate ourselves, for ourselves. Not being blessed with great looks or relying on them to get through life, aging is not so much about losing beauty. For me I want to age with vitality and if a little firming cream can help, why not?

**Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. provided this review copy of The Menopause Makeover to me completely free of charge.**
The Menopause Makeover, Staness Jonekos with Wendy Klein, M.D., Harlequin Enterprises Ltd., New York, 2010, 302 pp.
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