Tosca Reno interview Taking Care of Yourself

Tosca Reno interview Taking Care of Yourself
In my interview with New York Times Bestselling author Tosca Reno, we continue our discussion as to why many women may find it so difficult to make changes in their lives. One of the main reasons? Women feel guilty about taking care of their own needs making it almost impossible to improve their health and well-being.

Referring to the comments made in an earlier interview about Tosca and the average woman, I asked Tosca why is a fit, healthy and incredible fifty year old seen as more of an anomaly than the norm. Is Tosca really like the rest of us?

TR: “In Your Best Body Now, I share many success stories from women who made important life changes. These are everyday women, just like you and me. This shows that every woman is able to perform same transformation, and know that it’s possible.”

I asked Reno if menopause is a good time for our wakeup call for improving our health.

TR: “It is a good idea, but it is never too early to plan for a health future. For the younger ones among us, do not wait that long! Don’t wait until you have had your kids.”

In other words, Reno reminds us that being health is an excellent way to set an example for our families. Reno continues sharing her personal experience.

TR: “At 39 I was definitely out of control with so many things. I struggled emotionally. I was disappointed in my health and the way I looked. I had neglected myself because I had put kids first for so many years. Putting the kids first is what we are taught, but it is really in many ways a big mistake. Think of the moment on a plane when they teach you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you help your kids or others. Your Best Body Now stresses the same important message.”

I asked Reno about some of the other mistakes women make and what brings us to a point where we feel we have lost control?

TR: “I think some of the mistakes we fall into are we fall into a groove, fall into doing things a certain way and haven’t changed for years. It becomes a habit when we just do things a certain way because we have always done so, and haven’t changed a thing for several years.”

“Outwardly, our appearance depends on what we put into our bodies. Good health still begins with excellent nutrition. A woman who eats well and avoids sugar ends up having the best natural canvas or skin that she can have.”

“When you have that powerful knowledge that training is one thing for my body, but clean nutrition is 80% of the game, that’s when things really fall into place. That is when the light goes on and we realize, wow I did not know this! Some people go to gym but they still eat chocolate cake, doughnuts and similar garbage all day long. But when you learn to put that good stuff in your body suddenly, it is a whole other paradigm. You look at yourself and know that health change is possible.”

“Everything packaged has stuff in it that’s unrecognizable. When I go shopping with my little one, I look at the packages. If among the first three or four ingredients I see sugar or sucrose listed, I do not even put it into the cart. Food making decisions begin right there in the grocery store and pay off in better health, skin and energy.”

“Your readers, if nothing else today, should follow these two no-cost tips. First, know where sugar comes from in the forms of refined carbohydrates and liquid sugar in many of our so-called foods. Avoid these at all costs. And, begin every day with proper hydration by drinking water and lemon. These are two very simple but very amazing things that will make a difference starting today.”

What is the most important thing you can do for yourself to get to a healthier you? Give yourself permission to change! We will examine this idea further and learn some valuable and empowering advice in the third and final part of our interview.

A very special thank you to Tosca Reno for taking time out of her busy schedule for our recent telephone interview.

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