Chasing Amy

Chasing Amy
Kevin Smith ("Mallrats") is back writing and directing "Chasing Amy," a love triangle with a twist. Make that several twists. Ben Affleck () is Holden, a comic book artist who lives with his life-long best friend Banky, played by Jason Lee. The two buds share a home, a career, and are rarely in disagreement about anything - until Holden meets Alyssa. While signing copies of their comic at a convention, Holden meets Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams) and is smitten. She's also a comic book artist, and the two hang out, deepening Holden's infatuation as he gets to know her. Unfortunately, Holden is completely unaware of the fact that Alyssa is gay. When he does find out that she is, he is surprised to realize that he doesn't care. He convinces her to continue their friendship and the two grow even closer. As Holden and Alyssa test out their new relationship, Bunky is trying hard to convince Holden that he's made a terrible decision. Although Holden is confident that he can remain "just friends" with Alyssa, Bunky feels he knows his friend better and seems overly concerned that Holden will fall in love with Alyssa.

Bunky is right. Holden does fall for her, but works hard to keep his feelings hidden, which becomes more and more difficult for him. Eventually, he breaks down and in an emotional scene, Holden confesses his real feelings for Alyssa. He convinces her to take a chance with him despite her sexual preferences and she relunctantly agrees. Bunky does all her can to discount Alyssa as a good person, digging up embarrassing information about her past and insulting her whenever he can. Holden is hurt and confused by Bunky's vehemence is getting Alyssa out of their lives, and soon a wedge is driven between the two best friends. Ironically, another wedge eventually comes between Alyssa and Holden, too. When he finds out about her disturbing past, he is afraid to pursue their relationship any further. On the verge of losing two people he loves, Holden must decide what matters to him. Alyssa and Bunky must both admit their true feelings for Holden.

"Chasing Amy" was just as real and down to earth as Smith's other films, but warmer. You really learn to like these characters and root for them to figure it all out. Despite not being a Ben Affleck fan, this is my favorite role of his. He made Holden real enough to fall for and his timing with the other lead actors was superb and fun to watch. Jason Lee, on the hand, is one of my favorite actors, and he does not disappoint. His bitterness and secret anxiety over his feelings for his best friend were subtle and incredibly realistic. Joey Lauren Adams was adorable as Alyssa, and nailed her confusion and angst. A really good movie, it also makes a great point in it's infamous tagline, "It's not who you love... it's how."

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