Are You a Healer

Are You a Healer
Natural healers are present in all areas of our life, and they often have careers that aren’t even related to the healing arts; school teachers, accountants, cashiers, sales-people, and artists. And though they may not work in the healing arts professionally, something that natural healers have in common is their ability to make us feel just a bit better for having crossed their path.

Everyone is born with the ability to transmit healing energies; a mother comforts a sick child, or a friend lovingly nurtures her companion through a broken relationship. At some point in time, most people will find themselves in a situation that requires them to call forth compassion and empathy for another being, and share healing at its most basic level; energy.

And where everyone has the ability to share this loving energy, and they naturally use it without any training or teaching, some people feel called to share healing on a greater level. You may feel yourself being called into the healing arts, and wonder if you already have the innate abilities required to be a healer. Whether it’s for personal use with friends or loved ones, or on a professional level seeing clients, there are common traits among natural healers.

The ability to put yourself in someone’s shoes, and feel for them, is empathy. Those who are empathic in nature are sensitive to the emotions of other people. What they are actually picking up on is energy. Empaths can find themselves suddenly overwhelmed with an emotion that’s not even theirs, but because they are so sensitive, they may think it’s about them. So empathy is both a gift and a challenge. Healers need to be diligent about grounding themselves, and setting energetic boundaries.

Empaths also tend to be invested in the healing of others, and become over-burdened with the well-being of others. The most important lesson an empath can learn is to be interested, but not invested. This means they are open to helping where they can, but ultimately it’s up to each individual to follow a healing path – the healer is just a companion on the journey.

They See the Best in People
Natural healers tend to see the potential in others. They see goodness behind bad behaviors, well-being beneath the anxiety, and health underneath the illness. Their vision for the brightest good of others can often be so strong that they can be relentless in trying to force someone to claim their good. But trying to convince someone to follow their highest path when they are not ready for that (or can’t really believe in it) can be draining to a healer. It’s always best to put yourself in the position of the compassionate ally on the journey, and not the driver. Again, the lesson here is to be interested, not invested.

Natural healers tend to be very intuitive when it comes to the energy field, and will often sense things starting to go wrong just before they happen. They may sense both emotional and physical challenges, feel where the energy blockage is, and know, intuitively, just how to clear it. They may also notice that at times, they see the auric field around a person or animal.

The Wounded Healer
Many natural healers have themselves gone through some sort of illness or trauma, and in fact, may still be going through the healing process as they help others to heal. The fact that they themselves suffered through an illness or event increases their compassion for others, which enhances and intensifies their own innate healing abilities.

Energy Work
Though natural healers tend to express healing energies through all walks of life, many are drawn to the vibrational arts, or energy healing. They love to feel the energy field of others, and can sense energy blocks. They are generally drawn to chakra or polarity healing, Reiki, or one of dozens of other energy healing modalities.

Most natural healers start off with the desire to help others, and may choose to remain a compassionate ally. But if you feel called to step it up into something bigger, it’s always a good idea to get an experienced teacher or mentor. There are many challenges a healer will face, and having the professional training and support is the best way to handle those obstacles as they appear.

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