Moon, Moon Dreams - Dream Symbols

Moon, Moon Dreams - Dream Symbols
"Johnny take a walk with your sister the moon, let her pale light in to fill up your room." ~ U2, "Mysterious Ways," Achtung Baby

In the movie, Ladyhawke, Isabeau and Etienne are separated by a spell and breaking that spell requires the moon's assistance. Lovers often require the moon--romance and the moon seem inextricably linked.

Moon dreams may also symbolize romantic feelings and hopes, however, when the moon rises in dreams, its appearance can symbolize other issues and emotions. Dream moons may be reflections of developmental stages, intuition, emotions, fertility, creativity, deep stirrings of the unconscious, or appear as alchemical symbols.

Moon Phase

In what stage is your dream moon? New? Crescent? Half? Full? Gibbous? Rapidly running through all stages?

The moon is associated with stages and development. It goes from a tiny sliver that looks like the door to heaven was left cracked open a bit to the shining disc we associate with love.

Dreaming of a moon running through its stages can indicate transitions in life, especially transitions that are natural and run smoothly. Dreams of the moon in its various stages can also be indicators of how far along one might be in the midst of a transition or where a project is in its development.


The moon receives and reflects light and is therefore a potent symbol of the feminine principle which is the principle of reception. Intuition itself is the reception of information, the paying attention to the soul's stirrings and allowing those feelings to translate into one's consciousness.

Dreaming of the moon then, especially a full moon, can indicate a high level of intuitive ability. Dreaming of a crescent moon may indicate that one is beginning to use and trust one's intuition. Conversely, moon dreams may be asking us to pay more attention to our intuition if we are not doing so.


The moon controls the tides and this association with water has led to its association with emotions. Dreams of the moon may point to emotional lability--feeling that one's emotions are moving up and down like the tides. Dreams of the moon may point to feelings that an external force is in charge of one's emotions.

Fertility and Creativity

The moon's association with the feminine and women's menstrual cycles pulls it to the forefront as a symbol of fertility and creativity. Full moon dreams may symbolize a time of potent creativity or a time when one is fully fertile either symbolically--or literally!


The moon reflects light from the sun just as the unconscious is a symbolic reflection of the light of consciousness. Moon dreams can therefore be strong symbols of the unconscious. Look to other symbols to see what your unconscious is reflecting or what it is trying to bring back into the mind's light.

Alchemical Moon Rising

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist who pioneered analytical psychology saw the moon as a potent alchemical symbol. Jung believed the moon represented the the "chymical" marriage--the time when the female principle and the male principle are completely conjunct. For more information on this idea, have a look at this site:

Proximity to Earth

Is the moon in its normal place in the sky or is it closer or further away from the earth? Its proximity to the earth can be symbolic of how in touch one is to one's intuition, emotions, creativity, etc. For example, dreaming of a huge full moon touching the earth may symbolize being completely in touch with one's intuition. By comparison, seeing a moon that is far removed from the earth may symbolize feelings of emotional distance.

The moon is associated with many more symbols and ideas. Check out the links for more ways the moon may manifest in your dreams.

Until next time, sleep well and dream out loud!

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