Two Studies Prove Low Carb Works Faster

Two Studies Prove Low Carb Works Faster
In two separate studies, low carb diets are proven to work more quickly than low fat diets. Diabetes sufferers had better control of their blood sugar, too.

The Annals of Internal Medicine reported on both studies, providing a great arena to show how different scientists, using different methodologies, come up with similar positive results about low carb. In fact, one of the comments was made by Dr. Walter Willett from Harvard School of Public Health about the results. He said, "We can no longer dismiss very-low-carbohydrate diets" - quite a departure from past years where doctors merrily bashed low carb without cause, claiming low carb would cause weight gain.

Duke University's study was on 120 people, all overweight. It followed them for 6 months, with half on low carb, half on low fat. After the six months, the low fat dieters had only lost 14 pounds ... but the people on low carb had lost an average of 26 pounds! Both groups lowered their cholesterol as well, foiling doctors who claim that low carb diets would raise cholesterol. Many studies have also shown a lowering of cholesterol values on low carb.

The second study was by the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Philadelphia. This one was on 132 obese adults. Again, the group was split so half did low carb and the other half did low fat. Initially the low carbers lost weight at a faster rate. After a year, the low carbers had lost between 11-19 pounds, while the low fat users had lost 7-19 pounds. The diabetics in this study had a much easier time on the low carb diet, controlling their blood sugar levels.

Even the editorial and pull-outs for the issue talks about low carb dieting and how doctors are now considering it a healthy style of dieting, as long as it is done with healthy oils and exercise. Kudos to the medical community for coming around to the low carb way!

Remember, the key is to follow a healthy low carb lifestyle. Find an exercise you enjoy. Drink a lot of water. Take your vitamins!

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