Archangel Camael

Archangel Camael
Archangel Camael, whose name means “He Who Sees God,” is the chief of the order of Powers (the first group of angels created by God to protect the world from demons and guide recently deceased souls to the next life). Camael is an angel of justice and balance. Interestingly, being an angel of balance is reflected in old folklore surrounding Camael of good and evil. It’s been said he is highly cherished by the Divine, yet at the same time he has been associated with Satan and the underworld.

He is also the angel of war, and to the ancient Druids, was a god of war. He was also associated with Ares, the Greek god of war.

Not many angels reflect both light and dark. However, his associations with both the light aspects of the Divine, and the dark aspects of the unknown remind us that anytime we are struggling to grow and express ourselves, we may at the same time create conflict, and it is through exploring the darkness within us that we are able to release our fears.

It is said that each person is born with two angels; one at the right who encourages him to do good, and one at the left who encourages him to do evil.

It is through having the opportunity to make these choices that we grow fully into who we are meant to be. Call upon Archangel Camael to help you resolve conflict in your life and restore balance. Archangel Camael, who is also an angel of protection, won’t remove your difficulties, but he will help you to move through them so that you can learn and move forward.

Archangel Camael is also an angel of passion and determination, so call upon him at times when you feel you need courage and motivation to keep moving forward to accomplish something that is important to you.

Archangel Camael is the patron of firefighters, mechanics, athletes, technicians, surgeons, drummers and martial artists.

It is said that it was Camael who appeared to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. At this time Jesus needed courage and support for what he was about to go through. At times, everyone needs support and encouragement. Sometimes our endeavors seem too big or bold, and we feel insignificant and unable to accomplish those things which are most important to us. Call upon Archangel Camael and allow his angelic presence to guide you forward with courage and determination.

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