Five Crystals for Healing Heartache

Five Crystals for Healing Heartache
When you are experiencing heartache, or loss, it can be difficult to get through the ordinary tasks of day to day living.

Crystals, known for their healing vibrations, can offer a powerful source of support as you move through the stages of healing a broken heart.

Chrysocolla (gem silica)
Known for helping to support the healing of issues related to heartache and trauma, Chrysocolla carries the nurturing energies of the divine feminine. It allows for the release of sadness and grief, and supports the process of surrendering to the highest source of Love. It helps to provide balance, peace, and the openness to allow new love and joyful experiences into the heart.

A powerful stone of abundance, Garnet helps to release anger and disharmony, and attracts balance, and joy. It also helps to break up any negative energies stored in the energetic field that may be keeping you stuck in pain and heartache. It helps to expand awareness of connection to Source energy, and the field of Love.

Mangano Calcite
Sometimes called the Reiki stone, Mangano Calcite is a stone of self-love and nurturing. It contains the energies of the divine feminine, and supports the healing and release of past trauma and grief. It cleanses and transmutes the energies of the heart into the highest loving energies, allowing for awareness and experience of universal love. It also supports the healing of past life issues.

A powerful stone for growth and self-love, Rhodonite provides the support needed to heal the heart so you can focus on living your soul’s purpose. It helps reduce the experience of stress and anxiety by allowing for harmony and love to infuse the energy field, so that you may feel your connection to the higher spiritual forces.

Rose Quartz
By far one of the most popular stones for healing the heart, Rose Quartz is a stone of love and attunement to divine energies. A powerful heart healer, it supports self-love, and the confidence needed to live an authentic and balanced life. It heals pain and trauma from both current and past lives, and allows the transmutation of lower negative energies into the higher energies of love and joy. It allows for acceptance and forgiveness of past situations so you can allow for love and happiness in the present moment.

When working with crystals, there is no right or wrong way to use them, there is just what’s best for you. Crystals can be both worn, or carried, just make sure they don’t get forgotten in a pocket, and go through the laundry. During meditation, you can lay them on your heart center, or if you are sitting, simply hold them in your hand. You can even sleep with one in your pillowcase, or put one in your bathwater (just take care it doesn’t go down the drain).

When experiencing heartache, or grief, crystals provide a wonderful healing, and loving, support system, and they are a lovely way to remember that even through your pain, you are still connected to a loving and supportive universe.

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