Single White Female Seeks Good Government and Good Lover

Single White Female Seeks Good Government and Good Lover
Single white female seeks good government and good lover. When thinking about what I want from a government, I realized that I want in a government, many of the same qualities I want in a lover. Government should be like a good lover in that it gives you your space, but is there when you need them, has good credit and a good body, and is honest and open. This translates in government to:

First, do not intrude into my private life without invitation. Do not do my thinking for me. Don’t tell me what to believe. Do not try to make decisions of personal morality for me. Respect my right to live my life differently from yours. Convince a judge you have a compelling interest if you want to read my email and listen to my phone calls.

Second, be there when I need you. Provide strong social programs when I request and need help. Be a safety net and level the playing field for those in need. Provide me with the health care, education and opportunity to have chance at the American dream. Let me know that I count on you to make certain everyone has can have a slice of the pie. Encourage others to share with those less fortunate.

Third, good credit—balance the budget. It really is that simple. If you create a program, fully fund and figure out how to pay for the program. Cut out waste and equitably assist the citizens in paying for the program.

Fourth, good body—provide good infrastructure, good roads, trains that run on time, reliable mail delivery. Provide strong military and competent governmental agencies to protect me. These are the things that should work so well, I don’t even notice them until I need them. Train and equip our military so when we are attacked they can respond instantly. Staff our governmental agencies with competent people who have prepared for the worst-case scenario, so when disasters happen we can marvel at the efficiency of our government.

Fifth, honesty and openness. Your job is to represent me. Information is the way in which citizens can be certain you’re doing the best job you can. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Always reveal as much as you can without damaging national security—and make certain when you claim national security, you mean the security of the nation, and not your job security.

It is always easier to get something if you know what it is you want. Create a profile for what you want in a government. Then use those points as criteria for selecting the candidates you will support and vote for. If the candidates you select share your values, then the relationship you have with them, as your elected representative, is likely to be a good one. If we all do this, we may one day wake up to discover we have the good government we are seeking.

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