Creating An Angelic Circle

Creating An Angelic Circle
It is very important to have a sacred space to do your spiritual work. Negative energy can greatly influence the ability to set clear intentions. A space that is free of negative energy gives you the peace and clarity you need to do your spiritual work.

There are many ways to create sacred space, but one of the simplest ways that I’ve found is by creating (casting) an angelic circle.

To create an angelic circle you’ll need the following:

One white candle
One red candle
One yellow candle
One orange candle
One blue candle
Small cup of water

Arrange the candles on a table so the white candle is in the center, and the other four candles form a square around it. Put the red candle in the south, the yellow candle in the east, the orange candle in the north and the blue candle in the west.

Sprinkle some salt into the cup of water and set it to the side of the circle of candles. This bowl will absorb any negativity.

To create your sacred space, first light the white candle in the center. As you stare at the flame, imagine the energies of the angels starting to surround you. Breathe deeply, and find your peaceful center.

Then, lighting the yellow candle, say:
Archangel Raphael, guardian of the east, angel of healing, by the whispering wind, send forth your light.

Then, lighting the red candle, say:
Archangel Uriel, guardian of the south, angel of fire and prophecy, the spark of life, send forth your flame.

Lighting the blue candle, say:
Archangel Gabrielle, guardian of the west, angel of dreams, sparkling waters, send forth your flow.

Lighting the orange candle, say:
Archangel Michael, guardian of the north, angel of light and protection, send forth your strength.

Angels, I ask for your love, protection and inspiration.

At this point you may do whatever path working you wish to do. You can set intentions, meditate, visualize healing, pray, etc.

When you are finished, you want to open the space again.

Do this by saying:

Archangel Michael, thank you for your presence and your strength, please give me your blessing as you depart.

Archangel Gabrielle, thank you for your presence and your clarity, please give me your blessing as you depart.

Archangel Uriel, thank you for your presence and your insights, please give me your blessing as you depart.

Archangel Raphael, thank you for your presence and your healing, please give me your blessing as you depart.

May this space continue to be under the protection of the angels. Thank you, thank you, thank you..

You may blow out the candles.

Then take the salt water outside where you can pour it into the earth.

As you pour say:
May any negative energy be transmuted to positive loving energy for the earth.

Creating sacred space with the angels will not only help you as you seek clarity and insights for your spiritual work, but will also cleanse your space of negativity and help you to experience a deep, inner peace that can only come from the focused presence of the angels.

As always, use care when lighting candles in your home – and never leave them unattended.

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