Dannon Light n Fit Carb Control Yogurt

Dannon Light n Fit Carb Control Yogurt
Yogurt is really good for you - but have you seen how much sugar many yogurt makers add to satisfy the American Sweet Tooth? Thank goodness for Dannon!

Really, this product isn't just good for low carbers. It is good for ANYBODY. It really scares me that yogurt makers dump pounds of sugar into a "healthy product" because they think we can only eat sweet foods. Dannon's Light n Fit manages to have **80%** less sugar than normal yogurt. Eighty Percent!! Just how much sugar IS in regular yogurt anyway?

So their new version is lower in calories, lower in sugar, better for everyone.

But how does it taste?

I'm happy to say it tastes quite wonderful. I've been eating the peaches and cream variety, and it's smooth, light, and yes, it still tastes sweet. That's due to the wonders of Splenda.

In later months I've tried the strawberry & banana as well as the orange & mango flavors. All of them are delicious. I find many yogurts to be chalky and rough. I have to force myself to eat them. But not these. These are REALLY good. They are smooth, light, very flavorful and simply wonderful to eat.

Now I've tracked down the strawberries & cream variety. Equally yummy! So this is a yogurt set that I can really recommend since I keep coming back to it over the years - it's been three years now that I've been updating this article and each time I am enjoying the product.

My ONLY complaint with this is that they make you buy them in four packs. I just don't eat yogurt frequently enough to warrant a four pack, so some always go bad. Also I'd like a mix of flavors. I would REALLY like them to sell these singly.

If you're into yogurt, I *HIGHLY* recommend this even if you're not on a low carb diet. Sugar is just not good for you. It rots your teeth and damages your body. If you're going to eat healthy, avoiding sugar should be important to you. Dannon has made that easy, at least when it comes to yogurt.

NOTE: The new version says it has *90%* less sugar and 45% less calories than regular yogurt. They have it down to only 3g carbs per serving. Well recommended!

Nutritional info:

4oz cup -
60 calories
3g carbs
5g protein
3g fat (2g of that is saturated, 0g trans fat)
25mg sodium
10mg cholesterol
15% daily calcium
10% phosphorus
8% riboflavin
8% B12

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