The Four Directions

The Four Directions
A daily spiritual practice helps us to feel more connected to our Source. When we make a conscious connection to the Earth and the Universe, we feel connected and whole.

The spiritual practice of welcoming the four directions is a simple and effective way to ground and feel your connection to the Divine. It has its roots in the Native American practice of “calling the directions,” but variations have been found around the world.

The idea behind connecting with the four directions is to connect to the symbols that they represent.


In the east is the element of air. Air represents intellect, thought processes, and communication. It is here that we cut through the lies and see truth.


Element: Air

Color: Yellow

Angel: Raphael

Tool: Sword

Animal: Birds

Enchanted Creatures: Sylphs


In the south is the element of fire. Fire represents passions of the heart and creativity. It is here that we focus in on our intent to express our higher will and be of service.


Element: Fire

Color: Red

Angel: Uriel

Tool: Spear

Animal: Padfooted creatures (Cougar, wolf)

Enchanted Creatures: Dragons


In the west is the element of water. Water represents our emotions and feelings. It is here that we find gratitude and compassion.


Color: Blue / Green

Angel: Gabriel

Tool: Chalice

Animal: Dolphin, Salmon

Enchanted Creatures: Mermaid, Selkie


In the north is the element of earth. Earth represents strength and our body. It is here that we walk the walk, understand the truth of who we are and what we came here to express.


Color: Brown / Gold / Green

Angel: Michael

Tool: Stone / Mirror

Animal: Hoofed creatures (deer, horse)

Enchanted Creatures: Gnomes, Pucas, Pixies

Welcoming the Directions
Start by breathing deeply, and centering yourself.

Face east and say “Hail and welcome to the East, Spirits of Air, help me to see the truth in all things.”

Face south and say “Hail and welcome to the South, Spirits of Fire, help me to set my intention and honor my higher will.”

Face west and say “Hail and welcome to the West, Spirits of Water, help me to find gratitude in all things.”

Face north and say “Hail and welcome to the North, Spirits of Earth, help me to see the truth of who I am.”

After you are done, center yourself once more, and then remember as you move through your day, these energies are with you.

At bedtime then you can thank each direction for the inspirations of the day.

We are here by divine appointment; we have a calling and a reason for being. But sometimes we lose sight of this as we move day to day in a world where materialism and gain are honored, and spiritual, soulful living is frowned on. A regular practice of welcoming the directions puts us in touch with the inspiration we need to remember the truth of who we are so we may express our higher calling and shine the light on a world cast in shadow.

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