Golf Clubs what is Important

Golf Clubs what is Important
Golf clubs can be divided into three different parts such as the grips, the shaft, the club head and the swing weight. One must consider all these when buying a new club. The golf club, be it the Irons or Woods, consists of the three parts just mentioned. Only with the putter will you consider the grip and type of putter head. Here also you will need to try out just what type of putter you feel comfortable with. This club will add up the most strokes to your score in every golf round. So consider this with care.

The Grip is important as it is the connection of your hands to the club. There are many different types of grips available and if you get one too big for your hands it will not give you good contact to your club. Most rubber grip will last for about a year or two, depending on how many times you play. There are many types of grips to choose from. They are mainly Cord, Half Cord, Rubber, and Leather. A new type of grip is the shock-absorbing grip that many golfers prefer. The major brand names of grips are Golf Pride, Sports Pride and Royal Grip.

The Shaft is what connects the club to the head. It will come in many types of flex as all clubs shafts should have flex. The flex transfers the power generated by the golfer to the club head and then to the ball. . Every shaft can be either graphite or steel. The Putter is the only club that would not have a flex shaft.

During the down swing the shaft will bend and the force from that bending is known as loading. The shaft of the club that is too stiff will not load enough to square the club head to the ball. If one cannot square the club to the ball will result in some bad shots. The flex point of your shaft will depend on your swing speed as it will affect the distance and direction of your ball. Getting the correct flex to your club is quite important as different manufacturers have different flex specifications. They range from light flex, regular, stiff and extra stiff so try out different clubs to see what fits your swing

The club head is the only contact with your golf ball. The woods and irons are the ones that will give you the desire you want in hitting that golf ball. The irons are very important as these clubs will be used most in any round of golf. You will consider the loft of each club which is the degree that each iron has. With longer irons the loft is less for longer and straighter shots. The low number irons have a higher degree of loft to get the ball into the air and over trouble.

The woods also are the same degrees of loft from the driver to the higher woods such as the #5 or #7 to even the #9 or #11 these can go as high as a 23-26 degree of loft. With the new hybrid woods with are replacements for the irons which seem to be easier to hit and control.

The swing weight is more the feel of the club than the performance as it will depend on the strength of the golfer. The shaft will help make up the swing weight and what feels comfortable to the golfer. If the club feels too heavy and seem a struggle to square the club head to the ball you may want to try the graphic shaft. All the things mentioned above have an affect of the swing weight. This is the reason you need to try different clubs to get the one that is most suited to your swing, your strength and your agility to make a good golf swing.

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