What Happens in a Crystal Healing?

What Happens in a Crystal Healing?
Crystal healing is an energy based therapy that uses crystals to bring mind, body and spirit back into balance. Here I explain what you might experience if you visit a crystal therapist.

When you arrive for a crystal healing you will probably be asked to sit down whilst the therapist notes some information for their records. They will ask you why you are seeking therapy. If you have a specific health issue you will normally be asked whether you have sought medical advice and whether you are undergoing any other treatment. Crystal healers are holistic in their approach and so you might also be asked about your lifestyle, level of happiness and any significant life events or past illnesses, as these could have relevance for your treatment. On subsequent visits the therapist will be interested to hear about any changes you’ve noticed and how you felt after your last treatment.

You will not normally be asked to take off clothing, just to remove bulky coats or sweaters and your shoes. Crystal energy isn’t blocked by light clothing and people usually feel more relaxed with their clothes on, not to mention warmer! You will be asked to remove your wristwatch and spectacles if you wear them. If you are wearing crystal jewellery your therapist may ask you to remove it. I find a lot of my clients turn up wearing jewellery that supports their wellbeing, in which case it stays on. You will probably be invited to lie on a treatment couch. If you are uncomfortable lying down, or have any concerns about being able to get up again do say something as crystal therapists can usually work with you sitting in a chair.

There are a wide range of different techniques a crystal therapist can use. This is one of the joys of being a crystal therapist; no two sessions are identical and different people require different crystals. I intuit which techniques will be most helpful and which crystals I need to place on and around my client to help restore balance and harmony to their energy field.

Your crystal therapist will probably be interested in your grounding. Many people have issues with grounding and need help to reinforce their connection with Earth’s energy. Fortunately some crystals are excellent allies for strengthening grounding and your therapist may place crystals to assist with this. It is common to feel tingling when the grounding connection is established, or to feel that your feet are being ‘firmly planted’.

Crystal therapists usually work on balancing the chakras, as the healthy and harmonious functioning of these energy centres are important for your health and wellbeing. You are therefore likely to experience a crystal chakra balance as part of your treatment. I choose one or more stones to lay on each chakra, or if one chakra is in need of particular attention I’ll create a crystal layout for it. We also work in the energy field, or aura and may work on your meridians.

Most people carry dense energies which accumulate and cause blockages in the flow of subtle energy until they are cleansed and released. These energies come from various sources including poor diets, drugs, polluted environments, difficult relationships, negative thought patterns, or traumas. Crystals can be used to help the client release these energies, indeed it is common for a client to report they feel ‘lighter’ after a crystal healing. This isn’t in their imagination, their energies are literally lighter, less weighed down and filled with more light. As you have probably been accumulating denser energies over many years, and possibly over many lifetimes, do not expect them all to be cleared in one session. Healing is like peeling an onion, as one layer comes away, so another is revealed beneath.

During the session you will be encouraged to relax. You may notice a variety of sensations. Often clients feel tingling sensations as energy shifts, they may also report warmth or coolness. It is common for clients to see coloured light in their third eye, or imagery, or to drift off completely into a deep relaxation and only come round at the end of the treatment. Sometimes a crystal will feel very heavy when it is first placed and often those crystals will seem to get lighter over the treatment. If you are uncomfortable at any time do tell your therapist.

At the end of the session you will be asked to sit up and offered a glass of water. Your therapist will talk to you about your experience of the session. This helps you bring your awareness back into the here and now, so that you are alert and ready to go back out into the world. You may be shown the crystals used in your treatment and advised on crystals you could use at home, or given a gem essence to take.

The energy shifts resulting from crystal healing may continue to unfold for a while afterwards and you might not notice an improvement until a day or so later, you might even feel a bit off colour whilst the old energies clear from your system. Resting and drinking water will help with this, but call your therapist for advice if you are at all concerned. Sometimes it isn’t until later reflection that you realise the healing has made a difference. I saw a client who only came for one session and I assumed she hadn’t enjoyed it as she didn’t book again. More than a year later I received a thank you card from her telling me that the session marked a turning point in her life!

If you'd like to know more about Crystal Healing take a look at my Touchstones: Manual for the Crystal Therapist

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