How to Swing Like Tiger

How to Swing Like Tiger
It seems that any article mentioning Tiger Woods makes people want to stop and read what he is up to how. This article in the latest Golf Illustrated has Tiger on the cover pushing the article by Tom F. Stickney II titles 4 ways to Put a little Tiger in your Swing – Generate more Power, add Distance. That would be a sure incentive for most golfers to want to read this article. I am no different as I am a Tiger fan and amazed at what he has done for the game of golf.

I figure that any tip that would help get more power and distance in my 81 year old swing would be worth the time reading this article. Tiger’s swing has been analyzed and dissected by numerous instructors and golfers around the world. The author focuses on four simple things – the X-Factor, the swing arc, club head lag and the pivot. Well that sounded simple enough if you knew something about the X-factor but the rest sounded pretty good.

I found out that the X-Factor is minimizing the lower body turn for a maximizing the upper body turn. Now there is my problem as I use the hip turn to help generate more power through to the ball. Here they talk about producing a coil or torque between the upper and lower body turn. The secret is to keep your hips quit on the way back but allow them to turn during the downswing. WOW now I have something to work on at the driving range.

The swing Arc once you have mastered the X-Factor is to lengthen your swing arc. This does not mean to yank the club as far back as your arms will let you but make a level shoulder turn at the top. The author suggests that to practice this front of a mirror so you can visualize and fee the proper connection with the X-Factor and the swing arc.

Now we come to the club head speed which is created as the body changes directions while you are still completing the backswing. This causes a powerful change in direction as the club head lags back to create an increase in power to the ball. In allowing your hands to be passive so the club head speed can increase naturally through the impact of the ball. This eliminates the swing that start by throwing your hands to the ball. The body generates the power to the shot.

Not to forget the Pivot is a fancy word for total body rotation and once you accomplish all the suggestions above the pivot means rotating control through the shot. This means you must keep moving past impact and make a complete follow through. It is time to take some work outs on the driving range and try to improve your swing. With a little more practice you may be hitting those shots further and straighter. Not as far as Tiger but it is worth the time to improve your swing.

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