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Finding Our Way Back to Jesus

Guest Author - Terrie Lynn Bittner

Purpose: To help children think of things they can do to return to Heavenly Father and Jesus.

Attention: Set out Nativity set. Donít display wise men. Ask children to tell you who each of the people are and what they did during this special night. Ask who is missing. (Wise Men).

Explain: Wise men traveled from far away and didnít arrive at the stable. They visited Jesus in a house when he was a few years older, and they found him by following a star. Why did they travel so far and so long just to see a little boy? They had faith that this baby was the Son of God and would become their Savior. Their faith let them make a very hard trip for several years to visit him.

Application: Heavenly Father asks each of us to make a long trip too. We are traveling back to our home in Heaven. We donít get into a car or an airplane. This is a trip we make by choosing the right every day. If we do a good job of choosing the right, we can return to our Heavenly Father, just as the Wise Men had to make the right choices as they followed the star.

Game: Have the children sit on the floor. In front of them is a trail of stars. At one end are the three wise men from the Nativity. At the other end is the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Children take turns choosing a star from a basket and tell how the child in the story can choose the right. Each time a child answers, the wise men move to the next star. (Children may have help and it should be emphasized that we are all working together to get the wise men where they are goingóthis is not a competition and everyone wins.) If time is running short, remove a few stars or say a question is so hard it deserves two spaces instead. (If you have a large Primary, you might prefer to put the stars on the chalkboard and use pictures of Wise Men held to the board with magnets or tape.)


1. All the children in Allisonís class keep talking about a great new program on television. Everyone likes it. Allison decides to watch it the next week, but while she is watching, she realizes the show is not the kind her parents let her watch. She doesnít want to be left out when all the other kids talk about the show, but she knows her parents wouldnít like her to watch it. What should she do?

2. Brandon made the soccer team! He is so excited! The first day of practice, the coach says the schedule changed and they are going to have to practice on Sundays from now on. What should Brandon do?

3. Christy was making a castle from a big box. She worked hard all day long, decorating it with streamers, stickers, glitter and all sorts of fancy things. She had to stop for a little while to do her homework. When she came back to the playroom, she found that her little brother and sister had scribbled all over it and torn up some of the decorations. What should Christy do?

4. David is new in his neighborhood and in this country. He found out that all the boys on his street play baseball in the park together after school on Wednesdays. The next Wednesday, he went to the park and asked if he could play with them. One of them laughed and said they donít want him in their game because he is from another country and doesnít speak English very well yet. They called him names and told him to go away. David was upset and wanted to call them some names too. What should he do?

5. Hannahís little brother just started kindergarten. He is trying to learn all the letters in the alphabet, but it is very hard for him. One day, when Hannah was doing her homework, she heard him crying. She went to the living room, where he was looking at his flashcards and crying because he couldnít remember the names of all the letters. What can Hannah do to help him?

6. Jacob set a goal to pray every day. He shares a room with his little brother. Every time Jacob tries to pray, his little brother climbs on him and bothers him by talking to him, hugging him or trying to show him things. What can Jacob do to make his brother happy and to be able to pray every day?

7. Kristen moved to a new town. Every day she is lonely and sad. She misses her old house and her old friends. What can Kristen do to feel better?

8. Mark is sad because his parents donít go to church. He comes to church with his friend Jacob every week. Mark learned about family home evening in Primary, but he has never been to a family home evening. How can Jacob help Mark learn about Family Home Evening?

9. Robin always has very nice food in her lunch bag at school. Her mother packs lots of fun things in her lunch box. Her friend Amy only has a sandwich in a bag because her family doesnít have much money and canít afford to buy fun food for lunch. How can Robin help?

10. Sister Winters was Sarahís Sunbeam teacher when Sarah was three. Sarah and Sister Winters are still very good friends and Sarah loves Sister Winters. One Sunday morning, Sarahís mother told her Sister Winters was sad because her husband had died. When Sarah came to church she saw Sister Winters sitting in the chapel crying. What can Sarah do to help Sister Winters feel better?

11. Timothyís neighbor, Mrs. Clark, lives all alone. Her family is all far away and she canít visit them for Christmas. How can Timothy and his family help Mrs. Clark have a good Christmas?

12. Vanessaís brother is teasing her. Vanessa wants to run and tell her parents so he will get into trouble. Should she tattle or do something else? What should she do?
13. Andrew doesnít want to go to school today because heís tired. When his friend doesnít want to go to school, he pretends heís sick. Andrew thinks it might be fun to pretend to be sick too, so he can stay home. What should Andrew do?

14. Bethanyís bedroom is a mess. She canít find any of her toys and itís making her mad. She asks her mother to clean it up, but her mother is busy. What should Bethany do?

15. Charlieís baby brother is crying because he wants someone to rock him in the rocking chair and his little sister is fussing because she wants her mother to play with her. Daddy is at work, and Mommy is trying to fix dinner. What should Charlie do?

16. Lisaís mother worked very hard to make a special new food for dinner. She is very excited about the new food, because it was hard to make. Lisa tasted it and didnít like it. Should she tell her mother itís yucky, or should she say something nice?

17. Itís Matthewís bedtime, but his parents are busy and havenít noticed what time it is. Matthew knows if he doesnít go to bed on time, he will be very tired at school tomorrow, but it would be fun to stay up late, since no one told him to go to bed. What should he do?

18. Nancy forgot to put the scissors away when she was finished using them. Now she canít remember where they are. When her mother asks her if she borrowed the scissors, Nancy is worried. She doesnít want to get into trouble. Should she say her sister must have taken them, or should she tell the truth?

19. Peterís little brother always wants to go wherever Peter goes. Today, when Peterís friends come over to play, he wants his brother to stay out of his room and leave them alone. He is trying to think of ways to make that happen. What do you think Peter should do?

20. Randy is sitting beside Joey. Joey keeps kicking Randy and whispering while Joey is trying to listen. Randy thinks of three ways to solve the problem. He could tell the teacher. He could kick Joey back. Or, he could move his seat to the other end of the row. What should Randy do?

Copyright © 2007 Deseret Book
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Content copyright © 2013 by Terrie Lynn Bittner. All rights reserved.
This content was written by Terrie Lynn Bittner. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission. Contact Brenda Emmett for details.


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