Post CarbWell Cinnamon Raisin Bars

Post CarbWell Cinnamon Raisin Bars
There are a number of low carb bars, candies and treats on the market. These Post high protein cereal bars actually combine taste with good-for-you!

Think of this as a granola bar or rice-krispie bar as far as texture goes. There are soy nuggets with raisins and real cinnamon, topped with a drizzle "sugar" on it. This looks REALLY decadent and you have to wonder how it can possibly be good for you. Especially when, like me, you have had a raisin craving recently.

Even the aroma when you open the bag is delicious. Then you bite into it. Moist, chewy, the raisins and cinnamon and sweetness are just perfect. I would EASILY have eaten these things non-stop back before I tried to eat healthily. They really are that tasty. One of our testers commented that it was delicious and amazingly sweet for a low carb product. I really agree here.

The bar has 15g of carbs, but 3g of those are fiber. Only 9g "count" here. That's too much for a newbie, but just perfect for a low carb lifestyle person who wants a treat. Yes, there are 3g sugar alcohols in here, so those people sensitive to sugar alcohols need to try a SMALL amount and see how they do with it.

Everyone who has tried one of these that I know has loved it. I really applaud Post's research team for coming up with something like this. These are *perfect* for keeping in the car or bringing along with you to make sure you eat regularly. You should always have something to eat every 3-4 hours to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Cinnamon is good for you. Raisins are good for you. I nominate this bar as being the perfect treat :)

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