Connecting with Trees

Connecting with Trees
There was a time when ‘tree huggers’ got teased a lot. Here in Britain Prince Charles admitted talking to trees, much to the ridicule of the press and the general public. What a shame! He is an important public figure who knows intuitively that consciousness is not the sole preserve of human beings. Trees have enormous strength and wisdom to share with us. They are sentient beings and we can communicate with them.

Most of us live close enough to trees to go out and make a personal contact, even if they are growing in a public park. Learning to connect with trees can help you feel safely rooted on the planet whilst you undertake your spiritual journey.

One of the simplest ways to benefit from tree energies is by finding a favourite tree to spend time with. Choose one that feels friendly to you. You’ll find trees have their own moods and personalities. It helps to switch the logical mind off and just be with your tree. Try this exercise to connect more closely and take as much time as you need. If you can't be outside physically with a tree then connect through a photograph:

Let your senses explore the tree...gaze at the leaves, admire at their beauty...feel the bark beneath your fingers and against your cheek...listen to the rustling of the leaves in the breeze...breathe in deeply and notice the fresh clean air the tree is producing and the subtle fragrances...

...close your eyes and feel your feet connected to the ground at the foot of the tree...imagine roots growing out from the soles of your feet and merging with the tree roots, anchoring you deeply into the planet...visualise the flow of energy and nutrients rising up from the roots into your body, feeding and nourishing you just like the tree, making you feel strong and vibrant...

...see the flow of energy extend to the tip of every finger and to the crown of your head and as you do so imagine you are growing to match the size of your tree... feeling yourself merging with the tree’s own energy...sense the vast energy field of the tree all around you...

...let your mind be open to the mood of the tree. How does it feel? Does it have a message that it wants to give you? Keep your mind open for any words or pictures or feelings...just enjoy being with it...

...when you feel it is time to leave imagine shrinking back down in size... take a few deeps breaths...bringing yourself back into your body...remind yourself of the connection your feet make with the ground...

...finally thank the tree for sharing with you.

If the tree seemed to welcome the connection you made then go back and revisit it. You may find you build quite a rapport with your special tree and can call it to mind whenever you feel you need its support. If it asked you to do something then try your best to fulfil its request. This is a two way connection, a sharing, not just about what you can get.

I’ve enjoyed connecting with tree energies in other ways too. I have a lovely range of tree essences that I’ve used for a long time now and I enjoyed an interesting weekend a couple of years ago with Sue and Simon Lilly on their Tree Spirit Healing course. You can try their Tree Spirit Oracle for free on their site. They also make essences and a range of carefully produced runes and wood products.

Each species of tree has a different feel about it. I suggest you start by getting to know the trees of your neighbourhood. Notice what you are drawn to and then read up on the qualities of that tree.

To read up more on the energies of trees I can recommend Tree Wisdom: The Definitive Guidebook to the Myth, Folklore, and Healing Power of Trees
by Jacqueline Memory Paterson as a wonderful reference book. Sadly it seems to be out of print but you may be able to get a used copy.

I love the Tree Angel Oracle which are absolutely beautiful cards to work with and carry profound messages.

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