Low Carb Bacardi Silver

Low Carb Bacardi Silver
Looking for an alcoholic drink that is low carb and tasty? Give the Bacardi Silver a try - it's fresh, refreshing and has 2.6g of carbs per bottle.

First I have to admit that I like rum and coke, so I would be naturally inclined towards a rum type of drink. When I go out and order a mixed drink, I now get rum and Diet Coke of course. It's the same flavor combination, but without all the sugars in the soda.

The Bacardi Silver comes in six packs of 12oz bottles, just like beer would. The liquid is a clear color. There's a light effervescence to the drink, but it's not strong like in a soda or Champagne.

Bacardi Silver comes in several flavors. The black cherry is a very mild flavor, enough that you know that it's there but not like a syrup. You need to keep in mind that 2.6g is higher than most wines - but less than most beers. So it all comes down to the type of drink you enjoy!

If you like regular Bacardi rum, that is pure rum, so it is completely carb free - 0g of carbs per serving.

I'm getting mixed stories about Bacardi Limon. Some people claim it is zero carbs which I believe. All it is is rum plus a hint of lemon flavor. On the other hand, some sites claim that a serving of Bacardi Limon has 2g of carbs. A serving is 4oz for hard alcohol. How could they get 2g of carbs into 4oz?

I just looked up lemon juice. Lemon juice ON ITS OWN has 2g of carbs per 4oz serving. So this Bacardi Limon would have to be 100% lemon juice to hit 2g of carbs. I'm still very suspicious about this 2g value. I would probably consider this to be zero carbs - but again, don't drink a ton of it. Any alcohol ingestion hinders weight loss.

How about Bacardi Razz? That one clocks in at 3g of carbs. It makes a bit more sense here - they probably sweeten up the raspberry flavor to make it enjoyable. So if you're enjoying the Bacardi Razz, do so in moderation. Which is a good idea for any alcoholic beverages. Remember, while they might be low to zero carb, the alcohol itself is full of calories and your body will grab those first. So drinking alcohol definitely does impact weight loss.

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