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EMFs and Your Health

Guest Author - Lauren DīSilva

Electromagnetic Fields, or EMFs as they are most commonly termed, surround us in our modern life. We don't know the full impact of living with EMFs as yet; having so many appliances is a very modern phenomena and more research needs to be done.

Most studies have been carried out looking at large sources of EMFs such as electricity sub stations, pylons and power lines. There have been many health complaints linked to such places, most notably clusters of childhood leukaemia, but as yet official agencies say this is inconclusive. In addition health concerns are being raised about mobile phone masts and tetra masts.

Scientists do not have equipment sensitive enough to monitor changes happening at subtle energy levels. When this equipment is developed, as I'm sure it will be, I believe a very different picture of the effects of EMFs will be produced. Meanwhile I feel we should not be treated as a 'guinea pig' population.

We do know that the human body has complex and subtle energies of its own, from the way your brain transmits messages to the measurable bio-electrical field around you, which has been proven to exist with the development of kirlian photography. As healers we also feel the larger human energy field that surrounds us as the aura. We also know that the Earth emits natural background frequencies which the human race has evolved with.

Modern gadgets such as mobile phones operate on different frequencies not found in Nature and it isn't hard to surmise that heavy exposure to EMFs must disrupt the delicate subtle energy balance of your system and will not be good for you!

With all new technology I believe we should really be using a precautionary approach. We should treat these energies as potentially harmful until proven otherwise. Sadly the opposite seems to be true and an ever expanding range of frequencies are being utilised in modern life, some of which we cannot avoid and some over which we have more control. As well as mains electricity appliances many people have other EMF emitters such as WiFi, mobile phones and microwave ovens.

I would advise caution. We all have to make our own decisions about our lifestyles. Personally I refuse to have a microwave oven or WiFi, but I do have a mobile phone and a cordless phone. Both of these have strong measurable EMFs and as you use them by holding them right up close to your brain I try to limit how long I chat on them.

The most encouraging thing about EMFs from electrical devices is that the further you move away from them the weaker the field. So for example the television gives out very strong EMFs if you sit with your nose pressed to the screen, but much weaker ones if you sit back on the sofa. This means that you can assess and reduce your EMF exposure from equipment in your home without any fancy meters.

Here are some suggestions for reducing your exposure:

- Move clock radios, mobile phones and other electrical equipment further away from your bedside. Your body repairs itself at night and exposure to EMFs could interfere with this process. Much better to get out of bed and cross the room to turn off the alarm, use a battery powered clock, which will have weaker EMFs. You could even go back to an old fashioned mechanical alarm clock. (But don't blame me if you forget to wind it and are late for work please!)

- Go back to wind up watches or don't wear a watch. I was shocked testing my boyfriend's new wristwatch with my EMF meter. It pulses, giving regular high spikes of exposure. As you wear watches right against your skin you are getting constant disruption to your energy field at that point.

- Consider whether you really want that microwave oven. Go back to using conventional ovens and hobs for most of your cooking. I'm suspicious of food cooked in microwaves. At an energetic level I feel it must be altered by this method of cooking. There are safety guidelines about leaks from microwave ovens because they have the power to cook your innards if you stand in from of one operating with the door open!

- Think twice before getting WiFi. You are adding more to the background soup of frequencies you live in and the technology is so new we have very little idea of the effects yet.

- Limit time on the PC and train the kids to sit well back from the TV on their video games. Never sit around the back of a VDU- the energies from the back of the unit are much stronger than at the front.

I have an EMF meter which I use as part of my teaching and when I visit people's homes to investigate whether it is the home making them ill. As I've raised my own energy vibration through my healing work I've become more sensitive to the frequencies that harm me and my system gives me a physical reaction when I'm getting over exposed.

As I sit here at the computer my physical body and my energy field, especially my aura, is bathed in an electro-magnetic field. I can feel it as I type, especially around my legs where the PCU sits. It feels 'fuzzy' like a weak static to me and I know that if I spend more than an hour here a time I'll start to feel tired, sick and headachey. Not good in a writer! Fortunately the EMF from my laptop is weaker, probably because it is newer and has an LCD screen. I can work on that one much longer, but not with it literally on my lap- that's a recipe for stomach pains!

If I chat for too long on the phone, either the mobile or the cordless one, I get a localised discomfort in my head. I swap ears every few minutes and try to keep calls as brief as possible. Corded telephones that are not plugged in to the mains are much better and don't cause a problem. I'm strongly considering taking my home technology backwards in time, but still need an answering machine for my business!

If you do live in close proximity to strong external sources of EMFs such as pylons and substations the safest option is probably to move away as you are being exposed whilst the debate about health goes on. If you can't move then make sure you go out into Nature as often as possible and preferably daily to ground the harmful energies and link yourself into the supportive energies of Mother Earth. This is probably the best advice I can give for all of us electromagnetically stressed humans. I need to go off now and hug a tree!

If you'd like to measure EMFs for yourself there are lots of devices on the market, mostly because paranormal investigators use them. The EMF meter I have is old technology now. Here's one I found on Amazon that looks okay, but I suggest you browse around.

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Content copyright © 2015 by Lauren DīSilva. All rights reserved.
This content was written by Lauren DīSilva. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission. Contact Deanna Leigh Joseph for details.


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