Low Carb Beer - Ultra , Light , Michelob and More

Low Carb Beer - Ultra , Light , Michelob and More

Atkins. Zone. South Beach. Low Carb is the buzz word of the day, and Low Carb Beer is no exception. Beer companies are jumping on the band wagon at the speed of light – Light Beer, Low Carb Beer, Ultra Beer – all hoping to grab a lion’s share of the market while maintaining the physique of the American beer lover. Current stats show low carb and light beers accounting for 40 percent of the US beer market. And growing!

Debate was hot in early 2004, as beer companies grabbed at straws to label their pale ales and light beers as low carb. But on April 8, 2004, the US Treasury Department Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Tax & Trade set initial definitions of “low carb” beer as those having less than 7 grams of carbohydrates. Of course, the outer edge was also set for “reduced” or “lower carb” beer – those that have greater than 7 grams of carbohydrates, but less than the original versions from which they were developed.

General comparisons:
Regular: 9-15 g carbs. 145 calories
Light: 7-12 g carbs 88-110 calories
Low Carb: >7 g carbs 88-110 calories

Opinions of Beer Lovers vary greatly over the taste of Low Carb Beer. Some say that this style is for non-beer drinkers who are only interested in low carbs. Others have definite preferences for hop flavor and rich, frothy heads. They demand flavor from their low carb selection. Beer companies are rising to the challenge by introducing new brews to the market daily.

Carbs and calories are not the only consideration in selecting a low carb beer. Alcohol content is critical. The body has to metabolize the alcohol in beer. This alcohol is first absorbed by the stomach and intestinal wall, then by the liver. A complex chemical process occurs in the body, which translates into a detrimental alteration of the body’s ability to use up the calories consumed. Even with the switch to low carb beer, you need to “go light” if you truly want to keep the weight away from those rippling, toned muscles that were, so recently, dripping with sweat at the gym.

Official Low Carb Beer List:

Rhinelander Extra – Karlsberg Brauerei, Germany / 2.5g / 106 calories / 5% ABV / NOTE: Closest to regular beer in hop taste and aroma.
Accel – F. X. Matt Brewing Co. NY / 2.4g / 89 calories / 4% ABV / NOTE: Golden color – Brewed strong, then is water infused to reduce the carb/calorie level.
Michelob Ultra– Anheuser-Busch,Missouri / 2.6g / 95 calories / 4.2% ABV / NOTE: Official beer of the LPGA Tour.
DAB – Dortmund Actien Brauerei, Germany / 2g / 92 calories / ~4% ABV / NOTE: Grassy and malty aroma with balanced hop character
Molson Ultra – Molson Brewing,Canada / 2.5g / 97 calories / 4.5% ABV / NOTE: Drinkable.
Ultra Blonde – Diamond Bear Brewing, Arkansas / 1.65g / 85 calories / 4.7 AVB / NOTE: Premium light lager-no adjuncts or additives
Amstel Light – Amstel Brewery / 5g / 95 calories / 3.5% ABV / NOTE: No. 1 imported light beer in the US
Labatt Select – Labatt Brewing Company, Canada / 2.5g / 99 calories / 4.2% ABV / NOTE: Malty, light taste
Yuengling Light – D.G. Yuengling & Son, PA / 6.6g / 98 calories / 3.8% ABV / NOTE: Tastes like a regular lager!
Genny Light – Genessee/High Falls, New York / 5.5g / 96 calories / 3.6% ABV
Rock Green Light - Latrobe Brewing, PA / 2.4g / 91.4 calories / 4% ABV
Aspen Edge – Coors Brewery, Colorado / 2.6g / 94 calories / 4.13% ABV
Coors Light Coors Brewery, Colorado / 5g / 102 calories / 4.2% ABV
Natural Light - Anheuser Busch, Missouri / 3.2g / 95 calories / 4.2% ABV
Coastal Light – Steinhaus Brewery, California / 3.9g / 98 calories / 3.6% ABV
El Gran Campeon Light – La Constancia, El Salvador / 4.9g / N/A / N/A
Keystone Light – Coors Brewing, Colorado / 5g / 104 calories / 4.2% ABV
Iron City Light – Pittsburgh Brewery, PA / 2.8g / 95 calories / 4.1% ABV
Miller Light – Miller Brewing, Wisconsin / 3.2g / 96 calories / 4.5% ABV
Bud Light – Anheuser Busch, Missouri / 6.6g / 110 calories / 4.2% ABV
Bud Ice Light - Anheuser Busch, Missouri / 6.5g / 112 calories / 4.1% ABV
San Mig Light – San Miguel Brewing, Philippines / 3.2g / 98 calories / 5% ABV
Corona Light – Corona Cerveceria, Mexico / 5g / 109 calories / 4.5% ABV
Pig’s Eye Light - Pig’s Eye Brewing, Wisconsin / 2.6g / 94.5 calories / 4.2% ABV

Beer Fox Recommendation:  Give Low-Carb beer a chance. Try at least three different brands. Better yet, try them all! Brewers clearly understand that the demand for low carb beer is on the rise, so the selection is getting better as brewing methods become more sophisticated.  The result is beer with a more robust taste and staying power.


And that makes for loyal fans!

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