Success as a Logical Mathematical Learner

Success as a Logical Mathematical Learner
Have you determined that you are a logical mathematical learner? If you have, then there are some steps you can take to improve your success in your distance learning courses. You can learn to use your ability to reason things out, your ability to see relationships, and your problem solving skills to work with your teachers, other students and the course content to maximize your success in your courses.

Since you love analyzing things, try to analyze the information you are receiving in your course. Do you see any patterns in the content that is not obvious to others? The content may be organized according to some patterns that your teacher has noticed but you may see different ones. Those may make more sense to you when you are learning the materials. The same may be true of relationships that you will notice between concepts and ideas in the course content. These relationships and patterns that you see can help you produce a truly original essay or project for the course. Maybe you could put all the important facts into graphs which could be used as a summary for you to study for exams.

You enjoy solving puzzles, so look at your content as a puzzle that you need to solve. How do the ideas fit together to show the whole picture? Once you solve that puzzle for yourself so that you understand the concept, perhaps you can develop a game that will help others to learn the subject matter more easily. You could then use that game to help teach the material to others in your class. Teaching others is always an excellent way to learn the subject well yourself.

You always ask questions to find the logical solution. Use questions as outlines for yourself whether it is for the course notes or for a particular essay you are writing. “Why” questions would be the best type to write since you will be able to answer them with logical answers. These questions will help you to understand the subject better and also organize your learning in a logical way, and in the way that makes the most sense to you. Questions can also change your learning into an experiment that you can conduct to find new answers to problems. Of course if you conduct an experiment, you will also be using your mathematical skills to good advantage in the statistical results you get. Since you love to do activities which are based on mathematical reasoning, conducting an experiment will increase your motivation to work in the subject and to learn more about it.

As a logical mathematical learner you are often considered to be one of the “smart” people in a course. That is because you can do well at the maths and sciences which do require logic, as well as having a quick understanding of concepts, and the ability to solve problems. Your biggest problem may be in producing work that is considered to be creative. However, the fact that you see many relationships that others do not, means that you will probably be producing creative work. Another problem that you may have is in over-analyzing to the point where you do not get things done. Therefore you may need to stop analyzing what you want to do and instead just go and do it! With your abilities you should find yourself to be very successful at your online courses.

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