The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Esther and Jerry Hicks

The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Esther and Jerry Hicks
‘The Astonishing Power of Emotions’ is the latest volume of guidance on manifesting the life you want to live from best-selling authors Esther and Jerry Hicks. If you have tried manifestation techniques and are yet to get anywhere with them you may find the answers to the obstacles you are coming across are in this book.

I took this book away with me for holiday reading in Spain. By strange synchronicity my partner had packed the audio book of ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and when we arrived at the villa I found that one of only two DVDs that were left on the DVD player was a romantic comedy called the ‘Laws of Attraction’! I think we are being prompted to get on and manifest some more!

The ‘Astonishing Power of Emotions’ is mostly channelled guidance from Esther’s group of guides who call themselves ‘Abraham’. ‘The book is split into two main parts- the first is on the process of manifestation using your emotions as your guide and the second is a series of 33 ‘agony aunt’ style readings for people faced with a wide range of dilemmas. There follows a transcript of the free CD that comes with this book- an excerpt from a live ‘Art of Allowing Workshop with Abraham’ channelled by Esther Hicks.

In the first section of the book we are reminded that we are all really eternal Non-Physical beings enjoying a physical incarnation, that the eternal part of you is always present and holds your hopes and desires in ‘vibrational escrow’. That when you learn to align the part of you that is in the physical with the You that is eternal manifestation will be easy, and that your emotions are the best guide for ‘closing the gap’ between these two aspects of yourself.

Abraham patiently and gently explains that most of us are simply trying too hard. That what we get in life will match the vibration we give out and that we give out vibrations that manifest our lives all the time. We may decide what we want but then we strive too hard at it, deciding it will be tough to accomplish and actually make things much harder to achieve. If we tune into our feelings we can use them as our guides, letting them lead us always in the direction that makes us feel more positive about ourselves and our lives.

Abraham uses an extended analogy of life as being like sitting in a rowboat. You can either ‘go with the flow’ and let the stream take you along, or work against the current, row hard, wear yourself out and not really get anywhere. Guess which approach most of us take?

It is explained that really it is safe to let the current take you, that struggling is wasted energy and that everything worth having can be attained using this approach. Quite different from the ‘life is a struggle’ philosophy that many of us subscribe to. The main message of the book is simple and I felt was laboured a little here- however we are creatures of habit and this message has to be got through loud and clear! Perhaps spelling it out so clearly has helped it ‘go in’ for me. I’m certainly questioning now whether I am paddling ‘upstream’ or ‘downstream’ with my thoughts and actions on a daily basis!

In the second part of the book there are a whole range of problems that receive this ‘upstream’ or ‘downstream’ approach. I found this section useful as it does apply the philosophy to real life situations. Rather than read all of them I chose the issues that I could identify with, either from my own life or for my clients. For example the advice for weight loss is that thought vibrations determine the weight of the person more that the actual food they eat and their feelings whilst eating the food will make a big difference to whether weight is gained or lost. I’m off to enjoy lunch shortly!

The free CD was entertaining and contained a few amusing anecdotes that underlined our human tendency to make things harder for ourselves than need be. I liked the story of a fault in the Hicks' satnav. When their satnav sent Jerry and Esther round in a big loop Esther was all for turning round and finding our where it had sent them wrong, when Jerry pointed out that now they were back en route they could just continue to ‘go right’!

Although some of the messages in the book are contained in other works on manifestation I felt it added to my understanding of the process and it has encouraged me to check in more with how I feel about my thoughts and actions as I go about my daily life.

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