Sacral Chakra Workout

Sacral Chakra Workout
Keeping your chakras healthy and functioning well will go a long way towards keeping you in great shape physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Here I take you through the sacral chakra and give you suggestions for its maintenance.

The three ‘lower chakras’ help us to handle our daily life in the physical world. I suggest working with these three chakras before going on to work with the higher chakras as those who neglect these three can become very ungrounded and find it hard to cope with everyday challenges.

Start with the base chakra before you work upwards to the sacral chakra.

Sacral Chakra
The sacral chakra is associated with sensuality, vitality and magnetism. It is located in between the sexual organs and the navel. This is the place where deep-seated emotions are found, feelings about self-esteem, self-worth and personal responsiveness. This chakra is also about our creativity.

When the energy flows through this chakra we are receptive to the pleasures of our existence. This is the chakra of one-to-one relationships and where you store your personal power. Here we can build mutually supportive relationships with good boundaries.

The sacral is where we receive gut feelings. We also register trauma & pain here. This chakra works to detoxify the body on the physical level, relating to the bladder, womb and intestines. Its energy is about ‘letting go & letting flow’, therefore any disease state that indicates a build up of toxins, or lack of flow, could be linked to a problem at the sacral.

Potential signs of dysfunction
Underactive: Lower back pain, digestive problems, prostate and bladder problems, sexual dysfunction, low libido and fertility issues, relationship problems, dependency, menstrual irregularity, arthritis
Overactive: digestive problems, controlling, domineering, jealousy, addictions, menstrual cramps, emotional volatility

Sacral Chakra Workout
Ensure you have good levels of hydration- especially drink water
Take flowing exercise such as belly dancing, or swimming
Take up creative pursuits including art, sculpture, crafting, knitting, and sewing
Have fun- do things that will give you a ‘belly laugh’
Enjoy a truly intimate personal life!
Crystals: choose warming orange stones such as carnelian and sunstone

If you would like to study and work with your chakras in more depth I've found Liz Simpson's book 'Chakra Healing' to be very helpful. It is beautifully presented and a pleasure to engage with.

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