Scrying is the name given to the ancient technique of gazing into an object such as a crystal ball for the purposes of divination. Visions can be obtained from many sources, such as gazing into flames, a bowl of water, black ink.

Using a clear quartz crystal ball is a well known way of scrying with crystals, but other crystals can be used. I have a clear quartz sphere, a smoky quartz one & a black obsidian sphere. You may find that different crystals will give you different kinds of information.

In theory anyone can scry, it is all a question of practice and meditation. The amount of time you use for scrying can vary from a few minutes to half hour. Normally people scry alone but more than one person can scry into the same surface at the same time for information.

As crystal balls have long been used as a means to contact the world of spirit you should ground and protect your energy field. You may wish to ask your spirit guides for help, say a prayer, or a dedication. With a crystal ball you are never quite sure who is watching- think of the palentir in ‘Lord of the Rings’! Always ask for the information from the highest source to be communicated.


During scrying gaze steadily into the scrying surface (it is okay to blink or allow your point of focus to wander a bit). Eventually, you may see a mist or colours, or be able to pick out shapes or images; these may appear as crude sketches, or occasionally have the clarity of a photograph. These may come as images into your head or mind's eye, or you may see images appearing inside the sphere itself.

As the images become clearer, you may find that you recognise or intuitively know things about the images you are seeing. If not do not worry- practice in interpretation is often needed. Just make a note of what you see. If you are reading for another give a running commentary on anything you see- it may mean far more to them than it does to you.

If you are using a crystal select one that calls to you. Most people prefer a crystal ball but this depends upon what your needs are. Some insist on as few inclusions as possible whereas others find the veils & patterns in the ball help them to scry.

-Allow your eyes to focus on the images within the crystal
-Examine all of the shapes until you find one that calls to you
-Turn the crystal in various directions to see different images and get different messages
-If reading for someone else ask them to hold the ball & focus on their question first- remember to cleanse between readings
-Experiment with lighting. Does a candle to the side give better results? A ring of candles? Find the best combination for you.

Have you had success with scrying? Be sure to visit the New Age forum & share your experiences.

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