Attuning to Crystals

Attuning to Crystals
When you buy a new crystal how can you work out what it does? The simplest thing is to reach for a reference book. That’s okay to a point, but each individual crystal is different and you are an individual too. Attuning to a crystal can give you a more intuitive understanding of its properties.

If I said to you describe a cat you’d be able to list many features of the feline species. If I asked you to describe your own cat you’d fine-tune the description and it would become unique. Crystals are just the same! Your piece of amethyst & mine will feel subtly different. Books can only go so far in their analysis; they have to give a generic description.

When you work with a crystal you are combining your energies with those of the crystal. If you add the variation within the human species to the differences between crystals you have an almost endless range of possible combinations. We’re all made differently & will react differently to the stones. Amethyst may be calming & spiritually uplifting in the textbooks, but I have a friend who can’t go near the stuff. It makes him feel physically sick! That’s an extreme example, but people do vary hugely in their perception of the stones.

You will probably develop your own favourite ways to attune to your crystals. First ensure you have cleansed the crystal you are going to work with. It is best to keep a notebook especially to record your results. Don’t worry if you ‘get’ very little on your first few attempts to attune to a crystal. You will become more sensitive to crystal energies the more you use these methods.

Try a few different methods with each stone to obtain additional information. Here are some easy suggestions to get you started:

- Sit quietly with the crystal in the palm of your hand and notice any sensations, images or colours that appear to you

- Sit with the stone in front of you and have a piece of paper & pen to hand. Let your mind free-associate and write down any words that come to mind

- Sit with the stone in front of you & sketch or paint it, noticing how you feel as you do this

- Place the stone on your third eye and see what you sense through this chakra.

-Let your imagination take you inside the stone and 'see' what it is like in there.

- Place the stone beneath your pillow and note any changes to your sleep pattern; record your dreams. Make sure you have a journal and pen to hand by your bed.

- Carry the stone around with you in your pocket, in a pouch or within a metal spiral as jewellery. Note any changes to the way you normally feel or behave.

A client of mine tried this last method & noticed that lapis lazuli made her feel aggressive. She now only carries it when she needs that assertive strength & is careful to remove it when it is no longer needed!

Attuning is a two way process. Not only will you know your stones better, they’ll be getting to know you too! Have fun familiarising yourself with the crystals in your collection!

If you enjoy healing with crystals take a look at Touchstones: Manual for the Crystal Therapist.
Touchstones: Manual for the Crystal Therapist

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