Angel Oracle Cards

Angel Oracle Cards
Using an angel oracle pack is a great way to start to communicate with your angels. In using them you are signalling to your angels that you are open to guidance. At a recent angel workshop we had access to an abundance of angel oracles. Here I present a selection of my tried and trusted decks and a few that I saw on that day.

Say ‘angel cards’ to most ‘New Agey’ people and they will think of decks by Doreen Virtue. She has certainly been prolific in her writing about angels and in producing oracles to work with. A pack of Doreen’s cards are probably the most accessible place for a beginner to start. Her messages are universally reassuring and uplifting. The pack I have used for some years is ‘Healing with the Angels’. I find it is supportive when I feel I need a ‘kind word in my ear’ and I also use it at times with my therapy clients when they need comfort.

Staying at Berachah B&B in Glastonbury a couple of years ago I was charmed by the idea of having angel cards available to pick at breakfast. These were little slips of card with one word guidance and a little picture. Inspired I purchased a set of these ‘Angel Cards’ by Kathy Tyler and I leave them out in a dish in the entrance hall for visitors, students and my children to pick. I pick one myself most days. They are very popular! I think they should be compulsory in waiting rooms everywhere!

One of my favourite angel card decks is ‘The Angels’ Script’ by Theolyn Cortens. These are unusual cards in that over half of the pack is made up of abstract looking symbols, claimed to be of ancient angelic origin. Certainly these symbols feel full of power and Theolyn describes them as ‘cosmic runes’. The rest of the deck is of Archangels who are guardians of the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. These are serious tools for spiritual guidance and I was impressed by Theolyn when I met her for an interview. The messages that Theolyn has channelled are powerful and I find I trust the wisdom within them. Angel Script cards are available directly from the shop at Theolyn's Soulschool. You can also try them for free on her site.

I used Angela McGerr’s ‘Harmony Angel Cards’ for several years. The artwork on these is beautiful, though symbolic rather than actual representations of angels. I have found that the symbolic imagery is useful for guidance and often an intuitive reading of the symbols is far more pertinent than the description given in the accompanying book. Harmony Angel cards look hard to get hold of now so try these Love and Light cards instead:

Which are your favourite angel oracle decks? Drop by the forum to share with us.

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