Versatile Quartz Crystal

Versatile Quartz Crystal
Most crystal healers would agree that clear quartz crystal is the most versatile of all the stones we work with. Its clarity transmits white light in healing, which contains the whole colour spectrum. If I could only work with one type of crystal this would be my choice.

Ancient Greeks believed rock quartz was frozen ice that would not thaw & called it crystalos, meaning ‘permanent ice’ from where we get the word crystal.

Facts about Quartz
Chemical composition: silicon dioxide
Silicon dioxide makes up at least a tenth of the Earth’s crust & quartz is the most abundantly found of all crystals.
Hardness on Moh’s Scale: 7
A hardness of 7 means that quartz, whilst breakable and nowhere near as hard as precious stones such as diamonds & rubies, is hard enough to withstand use in jewellery provided it is treated carefully.
Crystal system: trigonal or hexagonal depending on your reference book. All natural quartz crystals have six sides.

Whilst all quartz points will share these characteristics there is great variety between individual crystals. Some quartz crystals have special characteristics that identify them as having specific properties. The most geometrically perfect forms are called 'Master Crystals' a term coined by crystal therapist Katrina Raphaell. Once you start looking at the different terminations, veils & etchings on clear quartz you’ll realise what fascinating crystals these are. Here are some of the more easily recognised forms:


Generator quartz crystals have six natural facets which join together to form a terminated apex. Often they are cloudy at the bottom of the crystal becoming clearer towards the top. The more they are used the clearer and brighter they usually become. Healers use them to direct healing energy.


Clusters are groups of crystals that have grown together. Clusters are good for positively energising communal environments. Clusters are also great for cleansing and charging other minerals.

Double Terminated or DTs

These crystals have a natural termination at both ends of the crystal. The double termination enables them to direct energy freely through either end of the crystal. The crystals are formed in soft conditions, which allows them to grow in both directions at once & form two points. Herkimer diamonds form in this way and are particularly brilliant in lustre. DTs are complete in themselves and exhibit well balanced energies. They are good for bringing mind, emotions and spirit into balance. They are also useful placed above the crown to open spiritual awareness.

Rainbow Crystals

Pure white light is refracted within the quartz and expresses its rainbow prism of colour. The rainbow is created through faults in the crystal (we don't have to be perfect to be beautiful!) Rainbows are excellent for people who are experiencing sadness, grief or depression.

Phantom Crystals

Within some crystals can be seen smaller 'ghosts' of the crystal. These markings demonstrate the growth pattern of the crystal, it will have stopped its growth & restarted when the conditions were right again. These crystals represent the many phases of development that can be experienced in one lifetime, and the refinement of the soul over many incarnations.

Key Release Crystals

These crystals have an indentation in the shape of an inverse crystal. This is the place where another crystal has grown and then been separated from the mother crystal. The key release crystal is a good metaphor for motherhood; as such it is useful for parents learning to allow their children to grow into independence as young adults. It can also be used to meditate upon the nature of letting go cleanly & without regrets.

Tantric Twins

These lovely crystals have grown equally side by side, share a common base and have two distinct terminations at the apex. They are excellent for working on interpersonal relationships.

If you love crystals take a look at Touchstones: Manual for the Crystal Therapist.
Touchstones: Manual for the Crystal Therapist

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